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    Kallmann syndrome is not the same as delayed puberty (or I am not a late bloomer).

    A common theme with rare disorders is the delay of diagnosis.

    I was seen as being a "late bloomer" when I had not started puberty by the age of 16. Even though I had two of the extra symptoms, lack of sense of smell and poor hearing, I had to wait until I was 23 before I got the correct diagnosis and was put on testosterone treatment.

    Late diagnosis and treatment can make such a different to fellow patients.

    Even with treatment patients do not experience normal puberty and would require extra treatment if fertility is desired.

    One issue patients can experience is that we are mixed up with "late puberty" patients. Some people assume that after treatment all is normal.

    Delayed puberty patients can experience normal puberty after a short course of treatment and will experience normal puberty and be fertile. Patients with Kallmann syndrome (male and female) do not experience normal puberty, will need life long hormone treatment and require specialist hormone treatment if they wish to be fertile.

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    #52SmallThings just a thought

    Been having an aha moment. It is kind of hard to explain but in this preparing challenge I have realized that taking care of myself means getting to know myself. Does that make sense to anyone?
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    Moving Forward #Depression #latebloomer #Overcomer

    I miss my ex-bf incredibly. He was my first reciprocal relationship, but there was so much toxicity. However, there were so many bright moments. I choose to remember them fondly and remain hopeful that the true mate for me is out there. Until then I'm learning to love me.

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    My invisible condition - Kallmann syndrome / no puberty.

    I have Kallmann syndrome. To anybody else, I look like any other regular person perhaps a few years older than my real age.

    I was termed a "late bloomer" when in fact I never went through puberty at all. Hormone replacement therapy now has helped with some of the physical development and at least I look at bit older but I still am still underdeveloped physically and emotionally.

    I am still infertile, though that could be corrected with specialist hormone replacement therapy.

    I am shy, prefer my own company and find it very difficult to be around other people socially or at work. Nobody can see why I should be shy and quiet and it is really only fellow patients that can understand how I feel.

    Missing out on both puberty and adolescence has left a big hole in my life that I have found impossible to fill.

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