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My bed buddy, this is Claudio

In response to Raven's post, I share my best fuzz kitty bud. He is my beloved companion and a joy to have at the end of my bed. He has his corner, and sleeps in the funniest positions.

When I am frustrated to be in bed (ok, that's daily lately), he brings me big smiles and comfort. He doesn't care if I'm in sweats without make-up, in bed....now how to get the rest of society to be as loving and accepting as animals....🤔😅😉


#chronic Illness #chronic Pain #Depression #alwaysinbed #CPTSD #Survivor #MightyPets #Overcomer #TreatmentresistantDepression #Joy

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After Watching Maid on Netflix

Felt that series so much but these were combo tears- remembering the struggles and the fact that I overcame. #Singlemom #Netflix #Maid #Overcomer #tears

I didnt deal with domestic violence but: bad days, poverty, dead beat dad, family drama. The series is based on a true story. Very gut wrenching and on point- moral> you are not alone and you can overcome too!

Maybe I'll have to write a full review.


Taking It One Day At A Time #chronicillnesswarrior

Today my battle has gotten more difficult. However I am a fighter and I am strong. I will face my trials with hope and bravery. With God by my side; I will not fail. I am blessed to be alive and breathing. No matter the circumstances- I am grateful. I am a fighter; I can and I will. I thank God for this life He has given me. My path may be more difficult than others, however I am a child of the mist high God. I am an overcomer! #Overcomer #childofgod #SystemicLupusErythematosus #LupusNephritis #ChronicIllness #InvisibleIllness #Lupus #AutoimmuneDisease #Chronicpainwarrior ##lupusawareness #chronicillnessawareness #nevergiveuphope #jesusismyrock ##mylupielife1987 #infiniteangel161 #miss8understood #icanandiwill #OPTIMIST #idealist #lonerwolf #lioness

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Nearly 2 years ago, I experienced a mental health relapse at the hands is another who knew I was just discharged from the psych hospital, faced betrayal, and lost support. They knew how it impacted me and didn’t care. It took me over a year through therapy to process it. It still hurts deeply today. Now-I’m ready to tell my side of the story and not only confront them but also educate. #Truth #Healing #Suicide #Overcomer


I was sent a link to a song

I was told to listen and believe in the lyrics, it does help alot. It's called #Overcomer by mandissa, look on YouTube its lovely


Today is the day

Today marks 5 years clean from self-harm! I absolutely cannot believe I have made it this far! From finding out I had a cheerleading career ending injury, to an abusive relationship and everything in between. I will graduate nursing school in December and marry the sweetest man I have ever met in January of next year. God is good y'all! #Selfharm #AbusiveRelationship #Clean #Depression #Overcomer

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Moving Forward #Depression #latebloomer #Overcomer

I miss my ex-bf incredibly. He was my first reciprocal relationship, but there was so much toxicity. However, there were so many bright moments. I choose to remember them fondly and remain hopeful that the true mate for me is out there. Until then I'm learning to love me.

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Being Mighty Today #BipolarDisorder

Today I am going to face that I have the mental illness of Bipolar. Today I’m going to trust that God will help me to use this thorn in the flesh for His glory, today I’m going to give thanks for my family support, the support that I get from my Dr. and Psychiatrist, and the support I have gotten from this site. Today I’m going to give thanks that my children do not have to bury their mother, ( thank you anonymous) and I’m going to look for a person who could use my support in the same manner. Today I am going to admit I DO need my medication, and I DO need to go to therapy. Today I’m going to accept these things do not make me stupid or less capable, or helpless. Today I’m going to affirm Bipolar is something I have in this flesh, it is not who I am. Today I’m going to be Mighty and not think about the what if’s of tomorrow as for sure, tomorrow never comes as it is ALWAYS just today! #Mania #BipolarDisorder #Overcomer #Stronger

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