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I need help.

Hello, everyone. I hope you all are doing good.
This is a long post but please read it if you can.
I've been inactive here for more than a year now. Due to my mental illness, I was not able to keep up with things. Personally, and Socially. I need some advice and if anyone could help, that woul be great.
I have completed my graduation and I'm about to complete B.Ed (Bachelor of Education), this is a degree that you need to have in order to go into the academic field. I want to become a professor. On fourth of July I'll complete my B.Ed and then I'll be eligible to teach in school upto class 8th as I have done only undergraduation and not postgraduation. After completing undergraduation and B.Ed, one is eligible to teach in schools upto class 8th in India, and if you have completed your postgraduation, then you're eligible to teach upto class 12th.
But the thing is I want to be a college teacher (a professor) and for that I have to do M.A. (postgraduation) and then clear NET (National Eligibility Test) and after that I'll be eligible to teach in colleges. But I have to give an entrance exam to study M.A. and I was not able to prepare for it at all due to my increasing mental health issues. And now I've my entrance exam some time in August, most probably. And I can't prepare all of it in such a short duration of time. If I'm not able to clear the entrance exam this time, I want to take a drop year and study for the entrance and then give it again. But my parents are not supporting this decision. They are saying that if I clear my entrance exam this time, then I can study from Delhi. Otherwise, I can study from Raipur, Chhattisgarh. I've done my undergraduation from University of Delhi, and now I want to do my postgraduation from JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University). Both these universities are the top most universities of India and after having the experience of University of Delhi, I want to get an experience of JNU. I've set my level according to that. And studying from Raipur, Chhattisgarh (where I live currently) is not appealing to me at all. The level of education over here is not as good as Delhi not is the environment.
But my parents want me to get a job as well and their suggestion is that I apply for a job at a school and then do my M.A. simultaneously. But I don't want this. I want to do my M.A. properly, clear NET and then become a professor. My school teachers are also suggesting me to apply for a job at a school.
All this is very confusing. My aim was fixed but due to all this I'm having multiple doubts. This is increasing my mental health issues a lot. I have depression and anxiety disorder and my self-esteem is becoming low day by day. It's getting worse with time and with so much pressure and confusion. If anyone of you can suggest as to what I should do, then please suggest, it would be of great help.
Please tell me from the options below:
1.) I should take a drop year if I don't clear my entrance exam this time. And then give it again next year. (The entrance exam is for University of Delhi and JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University)
2.) I should apply for a job at a school and then do my M.A. from Raipur, Chhattisgarh.
3.) I should do my M.A. from Raipur, Chhattisgarh. Then clear NET and then apply for a job at a college.
Or any other suggestion that you want to give apart from the ones mentioned above.
Please help me.

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Therapy Thursdays

I have heard people give up on therapy after one "bad experience". My response to that is to not give up. Sometimes, a therapist and a patient just aren't a good fit for each other. And that's ok. The therapist/patient relationship is unique, personal, and emotionally intimate. Therapists and patients have different personalities, preferences, and styles. If this is you or someone you know- I encourage you today to try again.

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Let's talk about therapy. Ending the stigma by having the conversation.

Therapy can look different to different people. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Prayer. Coffee with friends. Texting. Being on the Mighty. Talk Space. Meeting with a religious leader. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. ElectroConvulsive Therapy. Holistic Therapy. Group therapy. Journaling. Meditation. Float Therapy. Walking in nature. Having a pet.

The right one is the one that works for you.

This is mainly a reminder that all types of therapy are ok. If you are comfortable: share your favorite, what works for you, why you like it.

I did Talk Space for a while a few years ago. I really liked that I could text my therapist in my moment of high emotions. I could get it all out before forgetting anything. That in itself was healing but so was the conversation after. I could work on it in my time, not having to wait a week or 2 after the triggering event. It was like journaling with feedback.

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Invitation to a Brand New Community

Hey guys! If you are like me, living with depression, you know there is a stigma. Join me to End it! I am the leader of a brand new community called: End the Stigma. And that's what we are going to do TOGETHER.

Join us here End The Stigma

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ##Fibromyalgia #PainManagement

Has anyone with fibro gone through CBT? Did it help you?? I think I've come to the decision to explore non-pharmaceutical ways to treat my pain after researching the effects the most effective medications have on peoples livers. CBT came highly recommended from the mayo clinic but I want more first hand experiences to base my decision off of.

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#COVID19 and cognitive behavioural therapy

I didn’t think it would take a pandemic for me to seriously look at where I am with my own mental health. #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder was a dirty little secret I hated talking about. I had isolated myself to the point that no one was close enough to me to really see the splitting, the rage, the outbursts. I worked and my job was my entire existence. How sad is that? I spent an enormous amount of time and energy on another persons dream. Covid made me stay home and really examine these things. I am really trying to practice the #DBT and #CognitiveBehaviorTherapy I am learning and choosing a way that is totally uncomfortable because it’s new. I am connecting here because this is important #MentalHealth

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Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy For Phobias Article

Hey all, I wrote an article about #VirtualReality #ExposureTherapy for treating #phobias and #Anxiety . Feel free to check it out! I interviewed a #psychologist who specializes in this form of #Therapy that falls under the umbrella of #CognitiveBehaviorTherapy

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What flowers should I plant in my garden?

I’m planting sunflowers and taking suggestions! I planting in the south suburbs of Chicago. What do you beautiful people think I should add to my flower garden? 🌻 💐 🌺 🌸 🌹

Today was day two or working on my garden. I started it last year and only managed to dig a hole 😂 Probs was hypomanic, not sure. Sometimes I try not to diagnose every single thing I feel. My treatment team suggested that I try my best to “ride the wave” (feel my feelings as they come) and not “pathologize” my every emotion. It helps because sometimes when I feel #happy or #sad I can just accept that, let myself feel, and try my best. I notice episodes when these feelings linger. Nevertheless, I am finding ways everyday to keep myself moving and give myself simple things to find joy in and keep myself occupied for at least another 30 days of quarantine.

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