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What does #authenticity look like to you?

#CPTSD #PTSD #MentalHealth #DID #osdd #dissociativedisorders #DissociativeIdentityDisorder #LifeAfterTrauma #letstalkaboutmentalhealth

We have stated that our system’s goal is authenticity in all areas of life, but we realized that this is a really vague concept. What does that even mean or look like?

Until very recently, we thought of authenticity as how others view us, but this is completely outside our control. We cannot, nor should we, try to base our happiness on others’ opinions. We would never achieve our goals.

We had it backwards.

Instead, we think Authenticity is about how we chose to interact with the world and those around us. It’s about setting clear, firm, and heathy boundaries, then maintaining them.

So what does that *look* like?

It looks like using our individual voices instead of covering them up. It looks like letting the #littles dress how they want and dare people to say something about it. It looks like referring to ourselves as “we” or “us” in normal conversations and not worrying about what people think.

We can’t control the thoughts and opinions of others, but we can control our own thoughts and behaviors. And that’s Authenticity.

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Little alter had a breakdown today. TW: d*ath

A newly emerged young alter has been highly anxious so we went for a walk to work out the tension and fear. Unfortunately, we came across a dead rabbit and he felt destroyed by it, getting so emotional the rest of us nearly lost consciousness.

I feel SO badly for him; it's a very delicate process to co-con with him and teach him boundaries and healthy behaviors/responses. I've asked other adult alters for their help and suggestions in caring for him.

And then there's me coming down after bodily experiencing shock, rapid switching, etc. I'm not ok.

#DissociationDisorders #CheckInWithMe #DID #alters #littles