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It is Up! Merry Christmas!

Well, got the little box tree unboxed and put up. Merry Christmas, and well-wishes to all.

#MightyTogether #Loneliness #Anxiety

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Navigating Grief Anxiety During the Holidays: A Compassionate Guide

The holiday season, often associated with joy and celebration, can be a challenging time for those grappling with grief. Whether mourning the loss of a loved one or facing significant life changes, the juxtaposition of festive cheer with personal sorrow can intensify emotions. In this blog, we’ll explore the complexities of grief anxiety during the holidays, offering insights into its origins and providing tailored coping mechanisms to help individuals navigate this emotionally charged time.

Understanding Grief Anxiety During the Holidays

Grief anxiety during the holidays is a unique experience, marked by a heightened sense of loss and a longing for the presence of those who are no longer with us. The festivities may magnify feelings of loneliness, exacerbating the anxiety that accompanies grief. Common manifestations of grief anxiety during this season include:

Anticipatory Anxiety: The holiday season often brings a sense of anticipation, both positive and negative. Grieving individuals may fear the holiday gatherings, anticipating the absence of their loved one and grappling with the uncertainty of how to navigate these emotionally charged events.

Social Anxiety: Social gatherings and celebrations can trigger social anxiety, as grieving individuals may feel pressure to conform to the festive atmosphere. The fear of being a burden or not meeting others’ expectations can intensify feelings of isolation.

Existential Anxiety: The holiday season can prompt deep reflections on the meaning of life and the impact of loss. Existential anxiety may be heightened as individuals contemplate the significance of traditions and the role of their loved ones in these cherished moments.

Attachment Anxiety: The emphasis on togetherness during the holidays can intensify attachment anxiety, making individuals overly concerned about losing other important connections and amplifying the fear of further losses.

Coping Strategies for Grief Anxiety During the Holidays

Mindfulness and Meditation: Grounding oneself in the present moment through mindfulness and meditation practices can be particularly helpful during the holidays. Taking a few moments each day to focus on the current experience without judgment can provide a sense of calm amidst the chaos.

Breathing Exercises: Incorporating simple breathing exercises into daily routines or during moments of heightened anxiety can offer immediate relief. Techniques such as deep belly breathing or the 4-7-8 method can help regulate emotions and foster a sense of inner peace.

Movement and Exercise: Engaging in physical activity, whether it’s a winter walk, gentle yoga, or dancing to favorite tunes, can release endorphins and provide an outlet for emotions. Movement can also serve as a powerful way to reconnect with the body and alleviate stress.

Seeking Support: Communicating openly with friends, family, or a support group about the challenges of the holiday season is crucial. Sharing feelings and experiences can alleviate the sense of isolation and foster a sense of understanding.

Establishing Meaningful Traditions: While some traditions may be difficult to maintain, creating new and meaningful rituals can help redefine the holiday experience. This might include honoring the memory of a loved one in a special way or participating in activities that bring comfort and joy.

Self-Compassion: Practicing self-compassion is essential during the holiday season. Recognizing the unique challenges this time of year may pose allows individuals to approach their grief with patience and understanding.

Professional Help: If grief anxiety becomes overwhelming, seeking professional help is a proactive step. Therapists and counselors with expertise in grief can provide guidance and support tailored to the challenges of the holiday season.

Navigating grief anxiety during the holidays requires a compassionate and individualized approach. By incorporating mindfulness, breathing exercises, movement, seeking support, establishing meaningful traditions, practicing self-compassion, and considering professional help, individuals can find solace and create space for healing during this emotionally charged time. Remember, it’s okay to prioritize self-care and seek support as you navigate the unique challenges of grief during the holiday season.


Poetry is strength

Don't leave
Sadness' hours pass like the moon's longing for the sun
Open eyes and conversation's whisper
Like a goddess on the moontide
Compassion like a welcome friend
A bound wound in a war
A teardrop too vast to be the ocean's crying
WHETHER the earth revolves due to her tides and rhythm or gravity
AS WE have tears so does she
SO the moon in its loneliness calls
so the winter winds howl
And the call of thousands or too few
Like the wolf's voice calling for her mate
his pack
The voice of wilds inane, from within
CALL to us
With family dry a tear
With friendship fight a year
YEAR'S end
give hope


Why there aren’t any groups on abortion?

I am Pro choice and I think people who decide to go through with it need support. It’s a tough decision to make regardless of the reasons why they decided to choose that route. Pregnancy is more than bringing a life into this world for many women. Women who choose to not go to term need just as much support as those who go full term and opt for adoption. The stigma needs to be broken as abortion has been going on for centuries before laws around women’s reproductive rights have been enacted. #MentalHealth #Miscarriage #Depression #Anxiety #Loneliness

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Depressed Momma #Anxiety #Depression #BipolarDepression #Mania #Loneliness

Depression doesn't make you a bad mother. Some people will never understand how hard it is to be a momma while battling depression! She's fighting for her life before she even gets out of bed in the mornings. One day as a depressed Momma feels like an eternity. Anticipating the moment she can crawl back into bed and close her eyes. In reality she'll spend the night tossing and turning replaying everything she didn't do.

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Christmas Tree setup

Well, after a really long day at work, which I like, the Christmas Tree I ordered showed up today. Kinda set it up today... :-)

I guess I'll set it up tomorrow. Hope all have e best day they can.

#mighty #Loneliness #Anxiety

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Every Day, Lately

Yesterday, I shared how my mornings go. Today I will elaborate on why "Every Morning" is so very exhausting.

I've been in the mental hospital more times than I would like to admit. However before that, I went to college majoring in biology and neuroscience. I wanted to understand my chronic issues and "fix me".

Unfortunately, I did not find for what I was looking. Going through several different specialists, I found some diagnosis (treatment resistant depression, generalized anxiety disorder, a circadian rhythm disorder, sleep apnea mixed in with a bit of obsessive compulsive disorder and perfectionism).

I never found a medication or medication combination that revolutionized my life. I found many coping mechanisms that helped like medication, a proper diet, journaling, blue light therapy, talk therapy, yoga, dance, deep breathing techniques, transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy (TMS), acupuncture, Chinese herbs, teas and lately, homeopathy.

However, as I alluded to earlier life happens and you are left flat broke (literally), unable to pay for most of these services. For example, due to my mental health, I had to leave graduate school and move in with my parents. My business failed, and at this point no one will hire me. My ex-husband left because he couldn't support us (along with a mental breakdown of his own). So, I am left alone, depressed, anxious, unemployed, living with my parents, picking up the pieces fighting the strong urge to just give up. Did I mention I my mornings are actually afternoons? (More on that later.)

Yes, this is officially a "Cry Me a River" post. However, that's why I joined this platform. I officially have no one to really talk to or in my case 'vent'. However, I think that is why we are all here. Am I right? Let's get all of our problems out in the open and support each other?

Well, I definitely hope that is the case because most 'normal people' look at me, when they hear my story and say, "I am praying for you". They also say, "I am sending you good vibes".

That's all very nice and appreciated but I am sincerely looking for the support and strength to keep going. I want to keep finding the good things in life, the joy, the wonder, the excitement, anything that makes my life worth living. I don't want to give into the perpetual desire to clock out of the human race. (Not that there is any guarantee things will be better on the other side, just saying.)

As Angelica Hudson says to Drew Barrymore in "Ever After" (It's a really sweet movie by the way.) "No matter how bad things may get, they can always get worse."

It's up to me to make it better and that's a hard concept to swallow. It's just me against this crazy spinning rock. :/

#Support #Depression #Anxiety #ChronicIllness #Community #Support #venting #circadianrhythmdisorder #Journaling #TMS #Acupuncture #chineseherbs #homeopathy #financiallystruggling #unemployed #Divorce #Burnout #Loneliness #Hope #strength #NeverGiveUp #onwardandupward #togetherwecan

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Little Moments Like This

I received a notice from SOOP that poetry book we entitled CPS: Crimes, Corruption & Chaos was chosen within thr selected 20 to win editorial assistance with their project

You need a min of 5o votes to win. So I am asking my family of #writer #poets #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #SuicideAttemptSurvivors #Love #Loneliness #PTSD #justice #freedom The book encompass so many feelings and brings forth the reality of lived life, survivor of abuse, DV. Injustices by the state that have not been investigated. Reading poetry will bring forth creativity, a zest for productivity and an appreciation for seeing someone rise from being broken, beaten, bruised and Blessed

(Excerpt from my upcoming book CPS: Crimes. Corruption & Chaos)

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