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Sharing my day #Chatspace #Sharing is caring #Caregiving #chronic #ASD #cowdens #longterm chemo #Vertigo

I woke up this morning feeling like hell my head hurt my body ached I was dizzy and nauseous. My sons program canceled, so I took him to the supermarket with me where I chased him around as he took about 100$ worth of merchandise off the shelves and threw them in my trolley. I came home cooked and baked and watched him. Then hubby came home. Then my older kids came home and guess what I was able to nap for twenty minutes. Not ready to run a marathon but not at proverbial deaths door

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Struggling #struggle

Whenever I hear the phrase "struggle bus" I think of cat bus taking off in My Neighbor Totoro, not so gracefully but getting some where eventually.

Last week and the week before that was definitely all aboard the struggle bus. Started a more frequent therapy schedule, had a follow up with a specialist, mri was approved by my insurance, upcoming doctors appointments and transportation scheduled, tomorrow I have other appointments and things that need to be juggled around. I'm also helping my mom with some legal stuff pertaining to her income property.

I'm getting it all done, eventually ♥️

#Selfcare #MentalHealth #longterm #Disability #Advocacy #InvisibleDisability


Do you feel like a warrior #RareDisease #ChronicIllness

This statement is masterful.
"I think sometimes when you have been broken and hurting for so long, over and over, you become this master of hiding the pain because it’s exhausting, and you don’t want people to think you’re broken. But there comes a time when you hide it so well, that after so long people will assume you’ve stopped suffering."
#ChronicPain #patient #longterm #Life  
Read Article: tinyurl.com/y5topso2

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