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    Impatient Boyfriend

    I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about a year ago. My boyfriend at first was supportive with all the flares, fevers, fatigue, etc , now, I feel like he thinks that I’m becoming a burden or an inconvenience. He is a normally impatient person, but when I say I’m tired and can’t attend something with him or his daughters, I get a horrible burden like feeling and start to feel depressed. I feel guilty for how I feel and my sleep pattern—it is all over the place due to the pain—it’s so hard to sleep when in pain. He is always telling me to fix my sleep schedule and my body almost won’t let me. I apologize for the long rant and if this didn’t make any sense. I need advice on how to talk to him about it because at one point I wanted to break up with him for the sake of feeling like a burden and to make his life easier. #Fibromyalgia
    #ChronicIllness #Depression #help #Relationshipissues

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    Over it

    Ready to end my marriage because I just don’t even care to care anymore. I understand the part that I have played in its demise but it’s like a toxic game of ping pong and then I end up feeling like I’m not the only female and it has been proven numerous times that I wasn’t and now I’m seeing the same signs yet again. I know I can shut down when I go into my depressions pretty badly but I just feel like if that makes someone continuously stray and continuously try to cover it up what is the point of staying together? Because ultimately I just look and feel like a complete idiot and feel even more foolish because I feel the emptiness in the relationship and I don’t have anymore feelings to invest even if I tried. I’m just over it. I guess this is just my rant for tonight and I needed to get it off my chest because I’m trying to figure out my next move because financially I’m unable to make a physical move so right now I just feel a bit stuck and out of love. #Depression #Marriage #Relationshipissues


    Anyone lonely looking for friends? (Also online friends welcome😍)

    Hey! I feel very lonely and still do not have the courage to be open to people I just met about my condition, I feel like that’s something we all share here (we know that we’re struggling). I would also love to be able of creating some friendships with people a bit similar to me. I love music, techno, raves, nature, arts in general, mary jane, loyalty, anything property/housing related, dreaming a lot... I’m a mess writing these kind of things😅 Mainly looking to surround myself with people who also want me in their lives and are open to speak about anything. I need love and reassurance. Please, be open with me and I’ll give you the same in return. I’m just very shy and moved by my insecurities and emocional disregulations which make me sometimes act in an unwanted way and feel horrible about it later. I hope you can relate.❤️ #Nofriends #lonely #lookingforfriends #Hope #SocialAnxiety #Relationshipissues #Love #Friends #friendships #Music #Arts #loyalty

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    Why is assurance from your loved ones are so damn necessary for inner peace? Struggling with life.... #Relationshipissues #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder


    Should I stay with him or leave? Lowered boundaries with females

    i have been with my partner for 3 and a half years. during this time we have lived together for all of it. 95% im so happy with him and feel loved and support and cared for, but the other 5% is ugly when I need support the most. The underlying issue is that we don't see eye to eye as to what's appropiate behaviour with the opposite sex. All our fights have been on this and we recently had a big one in which made me really upset and feel I need to reevaluate our relationship.
    As an example of things he has done to hurt me include flirting with girls such as: (p.s these all happened once and at different times) taking pictures/adding girls on insta/getting their number (as a joke), talking to his ex (even called her). this has happened over the stretch of our relationship and when I got upset from these events he would blame me that im jealous and oversensitive and what he does is completely normal, then he gets his friends to back him up and agree. recently i found out he had been messaging a work colleague and borderline flirting which he didn't tell me. what would you guys you if you were me? do you think I should leave him or give him another shot? #Relationships #Relationshipadvice #relationshiphelp #needadvice #Love #breakup #help #Advice #loveblind #relationshiptroubles #Relationshipissues


    Surviving toxic relationship

    Hi Mighties!
    I have borderline and recently broke up with my narcissistic partner. This is my first time in this kind of situation. Appreciate your 2 cents and supports 😊

    #toxicrelationship #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #NarcissisticPersonalityDisorder #toxicperson #Relationshipissues


    emotional support

    for the first time in my life I'm with a woman who doesn't give any emotional support at all. it's strange and very lonely to go thru this alone. Unbelievable. #Emotionalsupport #ChronicIllness #Relationshipissues

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    Does anyone elses mental health get in the way of their relationship? I feel bad for him and said he doesn't have to put up with it if he doesn't want to. But then because of the sexual assault being spoken about to police recently my body is scared and in pain. I feel like I am letting him down.

    #Depression #Anxiety #PTSD #SexualAssault #Trauma #Relationshipissues


    Fear of loosing him

    I over analyze everything. Over think about everything. Always get bad thoughts in my head. While writing this post I’m laying in bed with my amazing boyfriend (he’s sleeping) and all I can do is think that something is wrong. That I’m loosing him. He’s my rock. What if he does leave me. Anxiety is the worst. I know I don’t need a man to support me. But the love I feel for this man turns into fear of loosing him. How do I cope with this. How do I overcome this?

    #Anxiety #Relationshipissues