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Sending Love & Hugs #icare #feelbetter #Hope #wishingthebest #god bless #Loveheals

I have to stop & just express how much i love & admire all of you Mighty Warriors. So much positivity, support, honesty, vulnerability, consideration. Thanks for sharing your posts - I delight in them. As I do in the strength & courage within you all. #mightywarriors #UnitedWeStand #StrongerTogether #loveyouall


Finding My Courage


Sometimes I fall in slow motion

Like silently sinking to the bottom of the ocean

Sometimes I fall so fast

So fast…. I almost get whiplash

But it all ends….. in the same dark hole of despair

Desperately reaching and gasping for air

The dark memories of my past come flooding back

The voices in my head paralyze me as they attack

When I feel stuck……lost and alone

With shame spiraling me into the zone

How do I help myself?

Where is my courage?

I look and listen to the little things

The sounds of my children laughing, my wedding rings

It’s on love that I rely

Their love is strong and raises me high

It helps me find my way again

A hug, a smile, a talk with a friend

Slowly I crawl myself out of that hole

My face turning to the sun that depression stole

I want to stay in the light all the time

But anxiety and depression steel it, a crime

I have to hold on to those I love

So I don’t lose myself and come undone.

I tell myself just breathe and remind myself, I am loved

Things will get better and I am loved….I am loved!

                                                        Mellieah B.

How do you find your courage?

#Loveheals #MightyPoets #CheckInWithMe #Depression #Anxiety #findingmycourage

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#mentalillnes can warp our minds, making us forget how special we really are. If you're not feeling loved today, remember to love yourself and that you deserve love!

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Looking at the bright side of life!

Somethings we go though things that cause deep suffering. It might be due to health issues, loss of a loved one, troubles at work, someone we loved hurt us deeply, among other things. It gets hard at times to find a way back to smiling and not feeling overwhelmed. When I’m going through tough times (one of the hardest moments of my life right now) it really helps me to make a list of the good things in my life. It reminds even about the simplest things that sometimes we just forget to be thankful for. It reminds me of things we don’t notice and are so valuable. I also think about those people who love me and have been there for me. Gratitude helps us see beauty all around! #LoveLife #begrateful #empath #Loveheals #KindnessMatters #Youareblessed