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Finding Joy

Have you ever just searched the internet and looked for something that can make you smile? I am finding it more difficult these days with all the painful actions taking place.

Like many of you, I am sad about the war in Ukraine. I am also sad about the natural disasters that have occured in the USA and the risk for more things occurring in the Central part of the country with it being tornado season. Life is scary!

I am looking for #Happiness and looking for #Comedy . Sometimes we have to seek things on purpose in order for us to experience #Joy .

Lately, I have had a flair up of my bipolar symptoms, and I have not been able to concentrate. However, positive distractions have #helped me to #feelbetter . #BipolarDisorder really sucks sometimes. But the coupling of BP with other issues like #Anxiety are even more struggling. But, I am going to do whatever I can to keep a smile and find #RoomForJoy .

I hope you enjoy the cat genie meme!


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My Baby Frank

This is Frank. He’s my fur baby, my kitty that has anxiety, digestive problems and OCD just like me. He feels my pain and comes to check on me when I don’t feel good, and then I come to check on him.

It feels like God blessed me with a cat that knows exactly what I go through daily because he does himself. Sometimes he won’t eat from his food bowl because he’s afraid of it, on other days he won’t cross the threshold of a door and has to jump over. Anyone else would think he’s weird but I know he’s struggling just like I struggle with intrusive thoughts from OCD.

I just wanted everyone to see my emotional support animal, he supports me and I support him. My baby Frank. #Cats #OCD #Anxiety #feelbetter

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Sending Love & Hugs #icare #feelbetter #Hope #wishingthebest #god bless #Loveheals

I have to stop & just express how much i love & admire all of you Mighty Warriors. So much positivity, support, honesty, vulnerability, consideration. Thanks for sharing your posts - I delight in them. As I do in the strength & courage within you all. #mightywarriors #UnitedWeStand #StrongerTogether #loveyouall

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healthy coping

I didn't wake up feeling any better. I cried. I had intrusive thoughts. It hurts. despite this I have decided to let it flow and maybe steer more towards at least attempting to regulate my dsyregulation..
currently listening to youtu.be/tqBrj7keZ8M Vulfpeck and trying to climb the mountain of cleaning my house.
#Cleaning #feelbetter #coping



I went for a follow-up appointment with my dermatologist today. She is so amazing. I really love her, as a doctor. She knows her stuff. She is the doctor who diagnosed my Dermatomyositis. She has been my saving grace. If it weren't for her, I don't know how long it would have taken to get a diagnosis.
The very first time I went to see her. She walked into the room, looked at me from across the room and said, I know what you have. Mind you, this was before she even examined me. I almost jumped up and hugged her, I did later. I believe I cried though.
Anyway, she always asks how things are going, and she really is concerned. I mean, I could walk in there and she could look at my skin and send me on my merry way but she doesn't. She, somehow, I'm not sure why, knows the painful aspect of this disease. She knows more about it than my Rheumatologist. That was our main topic of discussion today. What all my Rheumatologist was doing for my disease. Basically nothing. Same meds from the start, 3 years ago, just less dosage. He does not think this disease is serious. He acts like it is no more than a very mild form of arthritis.
Anyway she wasn't happy. I think she suspected something along these lines. Maybe I looked like crap today. I don't know but she is setting me up to go see another Rheumatologist. I've been needing to change for quite a while. I'm glad she took me under her wing and is expediting it for me. She is awesome. I may actually get some pain relief this year. I may feel human again. WOOHOO #Myositis #dermatologist #newdoctor#bettermeds #Pain   #Painrelief

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Feeling Down Because Of Others #feelbetter #Loveyourselffirst

I have a friend who makes me feel worthless, as if I’m not being a good friend or a good listener. yet I am there for others and love to listen . I love to help others, yet this person who is supposed to be close to me claims I’m not the greatest friend there is ... that I judge ... that I joke .. that I make them feel embarrassed. but Is it really ME ? or is it how they are accepting it ?? Is it their anxiety messing with their head ????? Well TODAY , I stop blaming myself and let go.

#Depression #newday #Newfriends #Selflove #putyoufirst


Mighty are the men who allow themselves to cry

My name is Jo, my childhood sweetheart & partner in life deals daily with BPD, Depression & Anxiety. Fortunately he has learned to take each day as it comes and doesn't beat himself up for having a bad day. He allows himself to feel, knowing that showing emotions and at times crying is only beneficial to maintaining his positive mental health. He also knows that nothing would ever make me doubt his manliness, if anything it only reinforces my attraction for him. So if you or someone you love also faces each day trying to cope with mental illness, know that it’s definitely OK to cry!

#mightymen #BPD #Depression #Anxiety #manlymencry #loveisunconditional #improvingmentalhealth #copingskills #feelbetter