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Falling in love with me

Everyday I am falling more and more with myself. I have always thought I was beautiful yet since adding my piercings I feel even more confident in my skin. I feel completely me! I love what I see when I look in the mirror now! My self esteem and self confidence have totally changed. I used to go out and not feel not good enough, or pretty enough. I NOW know that am pretty and good enough for me and that is all that matters. I'm gorgeous inside and now out! Have you ever felt like you are incomplete?! What is it that would help you feel more comfortable in your own skin? A new tattoo, piercings, hair color, or hell even cutting it all off! Whatever it is that you need to go to feel and love you then do so! The only person that is stopping you is you! So go find what you love about yourself and what you don't figure it out and learn to either love or change it. Just make sure you fall in love with you because you are priority!! Keep fighting!! #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #LifeofanEDSerwomanofcolor #EDSAwareness #Selflove #lovingme #Selfcare #Confidence #piercings #Anxiety #Depression #keepfighting