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    Greetings from platform 9 & 1/4!

    Another photo from our recent snow outing. It’s still around and tonight there’s a wee chance we might get more 🤞

    My guess is that these signs are old markers for the old canal, considering there is a Lock Keeper’s Cottage… but it also reminded me of Harry Potter. Walbridge and Inglesham House both have nice rings to them, so I’d consider signing up!

    #HarryPotter #Movies #snowday #Photography #justforfun #DistractMe #MyCondition #Christmas #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #Spoonie

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    What is your favourite grunge hit?

    I’m currently watching the series High School based on musical duo Tegan and Sara’s memoir, and the 90’s soundtrack is giving me major nostalgia… I now have Blister In The Sun by Violent Femmes stuck in my head—which will probably take several days of listening to it on repeat to get out, because my brain gets OCD like that!

    So far I’ve listened to old favourites like Smashing Pumpkins, Hole, Björk, The Pixies, Tori Amos, Greenday and I’m sure there are many more to come. It’s got me reminiscing about my sisters and I spending hours winding coloured cotton around our hair—why? And trying to dye my hair green with food colouring—also why—but more importantly I can confirm this only works if you’re Prince Andrew 😉

    And then there’s the clothes… the flannel, t-bar shoes, knee high socks, kilts, all the black eyeliner, floral dresses with ankle socks and of course DMs. I had a practical black pair but always secretly coveted a second pair in shiny oxblood. I did have a pair of custom made shocking purple bell bottoms, that would have other girls at clubs coming over to me to ask where I got them from, which made my nerdy ass feel smug for maybe all of 5 seconds.

    But back to the music 🎵

    After considering all the greats—of which there are many—I think I would have to narrow it down to Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun because it was both a great video, and an enduring song. Army of Me by Björk because I love the backstory about it apparently being about her brother, and it still gets me wanting to move more than I should to this day.

    And for my final pick I would have to go with Today by Smashing Pumpkins with a special mention for Drown, which is a close second because I still love the dreamlike composition. What sets Today apart in my opinion, is that Billy Corgan wrote and composed the song to juxtapose the darkness of his suicidal thoughts, with the upbeat melody—creating two levels on which to enjoy the song, And conceptually I think it was an equally brilliant music video, with the band driving around in an ice cream truck—which quite literally puts the cherry on top for me 🤓

    Share your favourite 90s grunge picks in the comments, and feel free to partake in the nostalgia of what other strange things we did in the name of “fashun”!

    #Music #MightyMusic #justforfun #DistractMe #Fashion #SpoonieFashion #MightyTogether #CheckInWithMe #obsessivethoughts #thisistrying

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    Suggest a name! 😂

    So I bought one of these ceramic lizards! It’s designed to hang outside somewhere- on your house or fence, etc. I guess it’s an Arizona thing?! 😂

    Anyhow…. I didn’t hang it yet so it’s sharing my patio breakfast table for now.

    Suddenly I realized that it needs a name! 🤣 Male or female? Any name ideas?
    #justforfun #DistractMe

    This photo may contain sensitive content.

    Happy Firefighters Friday #justbecause

    Fridays are the best day of the week

    One of my old work mates always shares a photo every Friday of a fireman

    So I thought if the Mighty doesn't censor my photo 🤞
    I'd start a new tradition with my Mighty family and friends IF you wanted me too.!?

    So once my friend has shared the photo, I would then share it with all of you.

    Happy fireman friday
    But only of you want me too.
    Love n hugs Tj
    😅😄😃😁😀😘😍😋🥰🤩🤞🙄🤨🤔🤤😳🙀👨‍🚒 #FridayFeeling #Firefighters #Ohlala #justforfun #FridayGiggles #giggleswithafriend #smilesareforfree #Nopuppiesthistime #Firemanbutnopuppies #Chronicpainwarrior

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    Good Morning #Giggles #laughterisgoodmedicine

    Right huh 😅😂🤣😁😀😆😉😉😉
    But only for laughs

    #justforfun #Family #Love #Hugs #RareDisease #giggleswithafriend #minions #checkonyourneighbours #Bekind #loveyourself

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    Baking decorations fail #Fail #laughterisgoodmedicine #Giggles

    Good Morning Mighty Friends and Family 😀🖐⏰🌞

    As you can see from my picture
    I had a slight error in my latest baking decoration 🍰
    Can you guess what it was suppose to actually be. ??

    Because it looks nothing like the it's the recipe card picture.

    Me thinks the buttercream was a bit to runny 😁😂😅😉
    Nothing to do with my expert skills 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
    But they did taste yummy and that is all in the end that counts and I had fun making them.

    Now make your guesses. ????!!!!!
    Enjoy🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😏 Tj 😘 #Fun #Bakingfails #justforfun #Lovebaking #Guess #Love #NeverAlone #MightyTogether #RareDisease #Stayinghome #staysafe #Havefun #Dontbetorude #lol #LaughOutLoud #Laughingatmybaking #lovemyselfagain #Bekind #Joy #Depression #Anxiety

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    Puppys #Giggles #laughterisgoodmedicine

    Love pictures of puppies
    Do hope you enjoy the puppies too.
    #Love #Hope #Fun #CheckInWithMe #RareDisease #Selflove #Dogsandpuppies #stayhome #justforfun #Anxiety #lovingme #Midweekgiggles