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Chronic Pain Help 01/23!

Read this! It is set to begin Jan. 2023 " originalText=" "> #Medicare #Medicaid


#EstatePlanning #Medicaid

Looking into what I need to do to make sure my significant other will be able to live in my house if I die before him. We are both disabled, and getting married could cause me to lose my Medicaid benefits. The funny thing is, neither of us mind the idea of Medicaid getting everything after we are both gone. We have no children, and I always thought about placing my house in a trust for a non-profit agency. But honestly, I think Medicaid helps more people than most non-profits. I am enrolled in IRIS, a long-term care program that is part of Medicaid’s Community Waiver in Wisconsin, and estate recovery is what I am concerned with. It looks like if I name my significant other in my will and get his name added to the deed, that should do the trick in our situation. Anyone else going through this? Is there anything someone can recommend?

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I wish I had the social status and money to get the care I need and deserve #Medicaid

Turning into a pharmacy and my major symptoms are untreatable or just untreated. Can't sleep, can't eat, cant walk (no wheelchair yet.) #EDS and the exhaustive mounting list of Comorbidities- #^!$!^#&?:#&^@$!##&@%
Le sigh

I'm privileged I have as much as I do now SSI/D but Healthcare shouldn't be a privilege and Medicaid shouldn't mean forced poverty, constantly justifying your Obvious Needs, "you need this, but, medicaid doesnt cover it" comfortable or advanced care is truly not for the poor. I recieve care but I could be receiving much better if I were rich and well off.

#healthcareisaright #Dysautonomia #Osteoarthritis #Gastroparesis #gabapentinsurvivor #thatsnotwhatthedrugisfor (antidepressants are not sleep aids!!!) (Gabapentin is Not for pain)
#Zebra #Spoonies

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Got my supplies ! Thankful for #Medicaid

Ostomy supplies can be so expensive but I’m thankful the state of Illinois was able to take care of me!!

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What should I do?

Today I received a letter in the mail stating my neurologist won’t accept my insurance starting the 6th of this month. Today is the 11th. I’ve been seeing him since 2012. Also, in August I had to see his nurse practitioner bc my #Dysautonomia has been acting up. She took me off Florinef and put me on midodrine. She wants me to come back in October which seems like forever. Now I have to find a new neurologist starting over or switch Medicaid providers😓 #Anxiety #Medicaid #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome


Too old to count? #ChronicPain #Medicaid #Medicare #MyofascialPainSyndrome #GastroesophagealRefluxDisease #UndifferentiatedConnectiveTissueDisease #Fibromyalgia

Sometime I disappeared and it was when I hit the magic age of retirement. A retired medical social worker and researcher, I gave those CEU classes. Because of my lifelong progression of connective tissue disorders and all the secondary diagnosis that follow (or preceded), I counted. One month I had the ear of my young PA because I had experiences before her birth, yet alone education! Now an otherwise wide-eyed person seemingly listening (but isn’t) ends every appointment with nothing more than a quick exit. I didn’t stop having REAL medical issues when I turned 65, did I?

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