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A poem called The Mighty Strong By Mica Warsop

You are strong,
for feeling it all,
You are strong,
for not wanting to fall.
You are strong,
for mentally, emotionally or physically
supporting yourself.
You are strong,
for your management of your own health.

You may be finding it hard to belong,
maybe even in your own body.
But you are made to be the mighty!
Remember you are strong.

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Depression is a strange thing.

Apart from always being tired although having enough sleep, you never know when it hits again. Two weeks ago I basically felt good but than again Depression came back. I'd been pretty fine a while before that. Now I'm constantly having this dull feeling. I've always been a funny person and I really like to laugh. But than Depression kicks in telling me I'm not allowed to because well I should be depressed. It's hard to learn that you're allowed to be happy even when sick with an illness nobody sees. However what I've learned so far is that healing is not linear. It takes time and sometimes when you take one step forward, you're falling lots of behind and that's okay. There are days I feel like giving up but I'm glad that I'm still alive. It's a tiring battle. I just hope it's worth it in the end.

#Depression #healingisnotlinear #HealingStill #Mentalillnessfeelslike #MentalHealth #mentalillnessistiring

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