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What's up with this chronic nose inflammation?

Hey all, Ive been having inner nose inflammation for at least 3 months, its worse in the right. I do have chronic sinus issues,but never this. You just look up my nose and the tissue is red. It hurts and has caused nosebleeds at times. I've been to the ENT and they gave me a steroid nasal rinse and ointment. It helped some but didn't go away. I was kinda peeved they weren't trying antibiotics, which i know...i know all about them. It feels raw in these areas and can be pretty painful, cause headaches. I have to go back but am not happy with the treatment plan as I cannot take oral steroids, but that is all they offered. Not sure what to do..just really lost and frustrated. I've had nasal issues over half my life and never had this. I know its not covid, ive been tested. Im on an allergy shot, i take meds, nose rinses, flonase etc. I don't get it at all and not getting much help.#chronicdisease #ChronicIllness #SinusInfection #ent #Inflammation #RareDisease #ChronicPain #nosebleed #Undiagnosed #Upallnight #AutoimmuneDisorder #AutoimmuneDisease #Anxiety #Fibromyalgia #Migraine #nosepain


Any recommendations for eye masks for sleeping? #Migraine #nosepain

I feel like I'm at the end of my rope. My brain is obviously growing thorns, which explains my migraine today and yesterday. I have 3 different eye masks, and all 3 of them hurt the bridge of my nose when I'm having a migraine attack.
I can wear them just fine any other time, but my face becomes so sensitive with a migraine that I can't even bear to wear my glasses. This means I stumble around the house, half-blind, but that's better than the alternative.
Has anyone got a recommendation for a mask? Any other tricks I could try?