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Why those who identify as women so often dismissed by the medical profession?

Horribly sad that this is such a universal experience. And I'm sure one that all those identifying as women can associate with.

I'm currently living with the consequences of a UTI being entirely dismissed. Now I am in agony every day and sleep in short bursts.

And the NHS wonders why so many are bitter and sue 🙃

Something that also strikes me is that women identifying medical professionals do it as well. The internalised patriarchy is so strong within the global medical profession.

Women's symptoms ignored by GPs - health group - BBC News

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Women's symptoms ignored by GPs - health group - BBC News

Women are often misdiagnosed or have to push for a diagnosis, a women's health coalition says.
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What's up with this chronic nose inflammation?

Hey all, Ive been having inner nose inflammation for at least 3 months, its worse in the right. I do have chronic sinus issues,but never this. You just look up my nose and the tissue is red. It hurts and has caused nosebleeds at times. I've been to the ENT and they gave me a steroid nasal rinse and ointment. It helped some but didn't go away. I was kinda peeved they weren't trying antibiotics, which i know...i know all about them. It feels raw in these areas and can be pretty painful, cause headaches. I have to go back but am not happy with the treatment plan as I cannot take oral steroids, but that is all they offered. Not sure what to do..just really lost and frustrated. I've had nasal issues over half my life and never had this. I know its not covid, ive been tested. Im on an allergy shot, i take meds, nose rinses, flonase etc. I don't get it at all and not getting much help.#chronicdisease #ChronicIllness #SinusInfection #ent #Inflammation #RareDisease #ChronicPain #nosebleed #Undiagnosed #Upallnight #AutoimmuneDisorder #AutoimmuneDisease #Anxiety #Fibromyalgia #Migraine #nosepain


Anyone have advice on battling a sinus infection?

I've been suffering this infection for a few days now and it comes and goes. What has me pleading for help is getting through the dizzy spells I have horrible anxiety caused by feeling dizzy from this sinus infection. I take a naisil spray and a tylenol sinus headache pill. It helps but the dizziness stays I also stay hydrated. I just hate having to hold onto my arm pillow for dear life to make the dizziness fade but when I move even slightly a wave of dizziness envelopes me and I just don't want to move. It has me drained. #help #Advice #MedicalProfessionals #SinusInfection #Anxiety #Depression #tired