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    It's executive dysfunction

    It's executive dysfunction
    That is my self destruction.
    Tasks that others just simply do
    Are impossible to get through
    Wanting to is not the question

    It's not a lack of instruction
    Please do not make that assumption
    Do not tell me to just "push through"
    It's executive dysfunction

    I know there are repercussions
    No need for more discussion
    How to change, oh I wish I knew
    Because then I wouldn't be blue
    Over having this malfunction
    It's executive dysfunction

    #OriginalPoetry #ADHD #executivedysfunction #ADHDInGirls #Adhdinwomen #ParentingWithMentalIllness #selfsabotage


    My Mask #MightyPoets #OriginalPoetry #Depression #Anxiety

    The mask I wear is only one color.
    The shiny, bright yellow of the sun in the sky.
    The mask I wear has only one face.
    The face of a girl with the happiest of smiles.
    The mask I wear covers the mess that lies behind it.
    It drowns it in darkness and is never in sight.
    The mask I wear hides the sadness and fear and panic and doubt.
    It holds in the tears that fight to come out.
    The mask I wear keeps all the bad stuff hidden.
    So nobody sees the pain that I live in.