So I can't recommend these books enough for anyone who has been through childhood abuse or is the partner to someone who was abused.

'The Courage to Heal' is for the Survivor
And 'Allies in Healing' is a book to help those who love you understand..

I have to admit that so far I've only read the one for partners (it turned up first) but even from the perspective of the Survivor I found it Amazingly Insightful and I really do think if I'd have been able to show it to some of my ex partners, they wouldn't be ex's or at least would have been able to understand my struggles on a deeper level!

They are Amazing books and I can't wait to read The Courage to Heal, the introduction has already made me shed Powerful, freeing tears!
I struggle to cry for years at a time due to my hormones, that is a profound and needed part of my healing!

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