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You Are Invited!

For the first time ever, I am premiering a video. This video is more important than I can put into words! You, my sweet friend are invited to my Pheochromocytoma Attacks and More watch party on YouTube: Monday May 17th at 10 am est. Be sure to bring a friend and share the link!!! Don’t forget your party gear: a drink, fun snack, and cute and comfy outfit.

An amazing YouTube friend (subscriber), recently asked what happens during a Pheochromocytoma attack? I wanted to sit down to explain a little more, what is a Pheochromocytoma? I also talk a bit about the Adrenal glands and Adrenal Insufficiency. What is an attack? I go into as many symptoms as I can with as much detail as possible (with my foggy brain). There are tons of resources in the description for curious minds, care givers, patients, or anyone with a heartbeat.

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When you go from #Undiagnosed to being diagnosed with a #rar

So I want to start by saying that nothing about me is normal, all of my diagnosis are rare and genetic. And then another problem started. I went from being #undiagnoised for 6 months to finding out I have #Cancer so I went from 0 to 100 in 5 minutes. And of course it just couldn't be something that everyone has heard of, it has to be #Rare like, 20,000 cases a year rare. #Pheochromocytoma won't take over anymore. Now that I know what is wrong, I can stop letting medical professionals #gaslight me and tell me all these symptoms are in my head, cause they are actually in my #adrenalglands . I've not fully come to terms with this, and I don't think I will for a little while, but in the mean time, I'm going to celebrate my 27th birthday and enjoy it before everything really hits me. I want to enjoy the life I live but I know however long this takes, I'm going to have to be #strong and #FuckCancer

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