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Morning Affirmation ☀️

“This morning I awaken as though I am seeing life for the first time. I marvel at the freshness and beauty all around me. I am so grateful for every wonderful experience big and small. I open my heart and mind to the treasure of opportunities that life presents to me. Today I will appreciate each and every gift as my day unfolds.”
- found on Pinterest

Mornings are the absolute hardest for me. Anxiety and depression slap me in the face as soon as I open my eyes. So I have been practicing affirmations first thing in the mornings in hopes this will change or at least improve. Anyone else struggle the most in the mornings?? How do you cope with it??

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#pinterest #Survivor

A good letter for anyone who is a survivor of sexual assault. This letter is short but meaningful.


#Selfworth ideas from Pinterest

Here are some ways to help build your own self-worth when no-one showed you how. It's hard as an adult to learn healthy coping skills and ways to be. #AnxietyTips   #Anxiety #pinterest #PinterestChronicIllness

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Motivational Talks and Daily Affirmations

Ted talks, Affirmations, and youtube motivational videos really helped me a lot. I am someone who cant easily talk and say things that I want to when it comes to what I am feeling. I’d imagine it million times on how I’ll tell someone but then ends up not doing it. So its good to hear and see those motivations everyday. I may have no one to talk to but at least I hear what I wanted to hear and I see what I wanted to see #TEDTalks #Youtube #pinterest #MotivationalQuotes