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    It's ok if all your doing today is surviving

    I honestly don't know how much more I can take
    I can't live anymore 😪
    I'm really trying... How do people get through thier bad days.?
    #TMAU #Sufferer #aniexty #Depression #anger #Pain #Sadness


    Anyone else?

    Does anyone else ever look in the mirror as an adult but see that broken child looking back at them?

    This breaks me everytime

    #CPTSD #ADHD #BPD #Trauma #Childhoodtrauma #ChronicDepression #Depression #aniexty


    My therapist dumped me today

    I went to my regularly scheduled therapy appointment. With I might add I've had for almost 3years. I'm sitting there telling her how I'm struggling right now. She tells me I need to find a counselor closer to where I live. I feel completely abandoned, and hurt. She's not even going to see me until I find someone new. On the other hand the way I feel doesn't make me want to go find a new one right now. I feel so lost #BPD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #PTSD #aniexty

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    Antidepressants #Depression #aniexty #PTSD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

    Please can someone recommend an antidepressant that doesn't cause weight gain. I am back to feeling I have no energy and motivation to survive. I am seeing a psychiatrist 3 times a week and no medicine because I didn't want to but I am failing at life and I Can't afford to fail. #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #PTSD #Depression #GAD


    #aniexty #Fear

    How do I tell my husband that he is one of the main triggers for my anxiety? I’m so scared to because he has a way of making everything about him n making me feel so guilty. I always screw up in his eyes… I’m scared I’m married to a narcissist. And I worry what effect this will have on my kids? I love him n he is a good man but if is not his way then u r screwed



    What is support these days? I think I have urealistic beliefs of things. Over expectations. I hate being stuck in this shit hole of a head #EUPD emotionally unstable personality disorder #EUPD #aniexty #MyHeadIsTooFull


    Stravation Ketoacidosis

    Does anyone have experience with disordered eating? I have struggled for as long as I remember to choose what to eat, often choosing the unhealthy option or nothing at all. I now find myself sicker then I have ever been. After a check at emerge because I couldn't keep anything down, I was informed of high keytones in my urine. I am now learning this process is due to stravation ketoacidosis. #EatingDisorder #BingeEatingDisorder #Obesity #stravationketoacidosis #Depression #aniexty #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder


    Going Residential #AnorexiaNervosa #CPTSD #Depression #aniexty #SuicideIdeation

    So I am going to residential at River Oaks for my eating disorder. I am scared to gain weight and can’t tell you the last time I ate 3 meals a day or not purged. I can go for 30 days with Medicare then go back In 6 months to do the trauma program. I am scared to take another leave of absence from work but it is what I need to do. I don’t want to go but know I need to go.

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    Your fight is never over ❤️ #Depression #aniexty #BipolarDepression #BPD #PTSD

    🗣 Im just wondering if anyone else has gone thru somethings and if some of the have any feed back .
    - Long story short .. all my life iv been struggling with mental health some times to the point where I wasn’t able to even live life at all .
    Between sleeping , substance abuse, suicide attempts, being admitted into hospitals , disappearing and such iv just seem to survive.
    But I always had the thought if I just had money a car a house a job etc and could live on my own I would be fine ....
    so recently about 6 months ago I wrote down all the things I believed were the reason I wasn’t happy and or couldn’t function.
    Today I have a car a full time job pregnant about to move into my own home alone I’m sober i don’t have any friends cause iv never had any worth keeping around I changed everything but the past few weeks iv just been sad depressed feeling isolated I’m proud of myself and excited i made it this far but something inside of me doesn’t feel “ normal “ I don’t feel like I dreamed I would with fixing these problems ...
    but on the outside everyone can see how good I’m doing how far iv came how happy I am so I wouldn’t dear tell anyone how I’m feeling I have no right or reason to feel sad or depressed I have everything iv ever wanted and I did it all by myself
    SO.. why do I feel this awful feeling still 😭
    Does the sadness never go away ?
    Will I ever not feel isolated from the rest of the world ?
    I just don’t fit in with this place at all 🤦‍♀️
    I feel like I’m fooling everyone by acting okay but I’m only fooling myself thinking this is gonna last forever !!
    What am I missing 😢 I can’t be the only one who rebuilt their self and still feelings like I have nothing 😧


    Night Thoughts #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #aniexty #Depression #Nightowl #Sleep

    Could I be overthinking again. Unreasonable thoughts, about my family members getting ill and dying. My stomach is in knots. I’m exhausted 😴 I’m starting to feel hopeless again..I want restful sleep.