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Over thinking, anxiety and exercise

Living with fibro has its challenges. I keep being told to exercise so ive finally booked my first visit to our local pool in post COVID world and ive got an overactive and anxious brain....
What do i do when i get there?
What happens if I struggle to change in and out of my bathing suit?
What if I can't get out of the pool?
Im in pain shall I bother going at all?
I feel lonely so maybe it will do me good to go out.....
What if its not safe?

And so on ...this battle in my head just won't shut up
#Anxiety #ChronicPain #worry #GADsucks


So tired 😴

#CheckInWithMe #DiabetesType2 #AnkylosingSpondylitis #GADsucks

I’m so tired of trying and just getting more diagnosis!!!
Finally had to go see a Chiropractor because my neck and back were hurting so much...and it’s helped. But during that time my Dr told me my blood calcium was high, ran another test and I was told I had hyperparathyroidism (over active parathyroid) and will probably need surgery. I go see the surgeon on Tuesday (today). I’ve been having trouble with eating, nausea and now I have an endoscopy scheduled in a week!!
My husband died almost 2 years ago and I’m alone...all family is out of state, so I’m having to arrange rides with friends and my son (who is 2 hours away) said he’d come up for my surgery.
My sleep is horrible!! I either can’t get to sleep, can’t stay asleep or am just exhausted! No energy...I want to do things but I just can’t seem to get going. Been trying not to push myself but mentally I kick myself for not doing everything that I need and want to do.
I would just like to feel “better” again!!! 😢

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Becoming Agraphobic #COVID19 #GADsucks #Depression

Well im here to admit I've become Agraphobic. The thought of leaving the house in a pandemic when I have chronic illnesses leaves me in a state of anxiety and social panic. I want to stay in, stay safe but I know this is not healthy.
Spring is here yet the sun hurts my eyes due to IIH ,i feel dizzy, sick, anxious. Is this my illness? Or is this agraphobia making me feel worse?
I need to go out. I need my independence but I'm safe at home. Hmm feels like an endless tunnel


Trying a new thing: Sh***y Haiku of the Day


Went to get the mail
Wanted to walk in the rain
And not give a shit

#Depression #Anxiety #GADsucks #MentalHealth