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guys....i found a thing

so it’s basically like a color/paint by number but its with these little individual diamonds, that you paste down onto this big canvas to create this big picture masterpiece. it definitely helps me fall asleep, ‘cause it is super relaxing so if you guys are having trouble relaxing/falling asleep, this might be worth a try. found it at hobby lobby and its called diamond painting. i ordered a new one online from Diamond Art Club just now, so i’m super excited to get started on that one!! 🤩 #insonima #Sleep #Art #relax #relaxing #relaxandletgo #coloring #diamondpainting #creative #creativity

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Be still

Some days are better than others.
Some days I would much rather stay in the bed and sleep away all the stuff I have to do. Some days I pray for peace and guidance to get rid of all those things going on in my head. All the worry. All the stress. All. The. Things.
BUT I get up anyway. I get up even if it is to make that new dinner recipe that has me kinda excited to try. I get up to make a lunch for my son to get him through a long day of a wrestling tournament. I get up to be with my pups.
I am learning to just be still and take a deep breathe. Sometimes that is all we can do and need to do.
Be still and let him do the rest. Be still and be thankful for another day.
We’ve got this. .
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