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It's been worth it.

Having a child finish college is one of the most fulfilled events I have ever experienced. When she first began as a freshman 3 hours away from home, she would only call to talk if she needed money or something requiring money or anything else. That first year she was fiercely independent and didn't feel a need to communicate with home any more than the bare minimum. As she matriculated she slowly began reaching out for emotional support and simply called to pass the time in pleasant conversation. When she graduated in May 2022 she was a completely different being than the freshman that was dropped off a mere weeks after graduating from high school. I became a safe place over the years and my persistence in loving her even when she was a wart was really paying off. The picture attached is her dedication of her college education to me. To tell you my throat got stuck when I read it is an understatement. She had noticed my quiet and ongoing support and I had made a difference. Sometimes there are rewards to be had in the difficulty of parenting a child and being an example rather than a brick wall she was bashing her head into. #parenthood #rewards #collegelife #Seasons #rewards


Sketchers is having a boot sale 👢💜

I put Sketchers Rue Studded boots on my wishlist and on my calendar as a reward for reaching a long term goal. I'm just weeks away from reaching this long term goal and so tempted to buy them while they're 30% off.

What is the best choice for me? I could finish my project in style and save money. Or I might appreciate that present me stuck to my goal, and feel a deeper sense of gratitude. How does waiting matter? #goals #goalsetting #rewards #receiving #EASE #Fibromyalgia #Allodynia #ChronicPain #pace


Any advice for #Fun and #safe #rewards ?

Had a long but productive day and I want to #reward myself (old rewards were drinking, smoking, spending money)


Best lesson learnt

I learnt the best lesson during a stint of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy #CBT .

This was that getting from A to B wasn't always about taking the quickest route. It was about thinking of that task and breaking it down into mini manageable segments.

For example - housework. I used to be able to do the bulk of this on a Saturday morning. Now it takes me 4 to 7 weeks to complete. Some tasks are weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc.

I started to figure this out by taking 1 room at a time, for this I will use the kitchen.

So tasks here are daily washing and drying up, scrub draining board and drained, wipe down all worktop, sweep the floor, mop the floor, clean cupboard fronts, clean inside of fridge.... you get the picture?

Then allocate the frequency each task has to be done - daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc

Then allocate how long each task takes. You may need to complete each task to work this out - don't overdo it!!

This then helps you to build up a rota of jobs to be done each day, week, month etc. Just try not to leave the jobs you dislike the most to the end, I find if I set a reward for these I get them done. This could be watch an episode of the latest drama, spent some time reading or another activity you really enjoy.

I hope this helps someone else like it has me. Happy to answer any questions as best I can, but remember I'm in recovery too and not an expert!

#Recovery #gamechanger #CBT #cognitivebehaviouraltherapy #goals #rewards #bethebestyoupossiblycan