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Kids aren’t conducive to scrupulous living...

I’m a 40 year old father-of-3-boys — working through a fresh OCD diagnosis...which for me shows up in Moral OCD, Tourettic OCD and generalized anxiety. It’s a journey that started with my oldest son’s diagnosis and treatment, and increasing self-realization that led me to seek professional help.

As I processed through how Moral OCD in particular affects me as a father each day, and this common sign (with a funny twist above) came to mind. For me OCD doesn’t show up typically in I can generally deal with their mess. What I realized I find extremely difficult, and to the detriment of my mental health and my their behavioral mess.

I have a strong faith/moral component to my life, so I’m seeking to raise healthy, vibrant, loving and connected boys. But wondering what people think of me, think of them, think of how I’m parenting them...and then my own self-critical thoughts for not doing/thinking/feeling the right things...reminds me of the funny twist in the sign above.

Modeling learning from failure, and grace towards one’s own failings, feels like a calling for the next half of my life. For me, modeling that for my boys is a key motivation — and also to deal with what seems to be unnecessary mental suffering from mistakes.

So...I’m new to The Mighty, and hopeful to learn from others. I’m already thinking copiously about how my words are coming across to others...but for now I’ll post, and look forward to reading and hearing from others.

#Scrupulosity #TouretteSyndrome


Blasphemous Thoughts?

I struggle with blasphemy OCD most of the time and I’m feeling really low and guilty. I need to know if there is anyone else out there like me and how you cope? I’m not coping to well at all. Thanks. #OCD #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Scrupulosity #IntrusiveThoughts

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Hey everyone, I have been on here for awhile, but never posted anything. I read other people’s posts when I’m really struggling. It’s like going somewhere where everyone “gets it.” It’s been so comforting to me. I have only officially been diagnosed with #Anxiety , but just started seeing a counselor that specializes in #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder , and man is everything clicking. I’m 31 years old and I think “if only I would have known that this “thing” that constantly haunts me has a name and there are things I can do to fight it.” Something else that is blowing my mind is this: it always seemed to me that everyone I knew had the same mental battles that I have, but they could cope and I couldn’t. I was weak and fragile. I’m realizing now that the battle I am fighting is not even on the same spectrum as the people who think I should just “stay positive” or “think about something else.” I am the strong one. I am doing all the things they are doing-working, taking care of my kids, housework, etc...All while dragging a huge weight behind me. All while having a pack of wolves nipping at my heels. All while being sucked into a black hole. I am the strong one. #Scrupulosity #ContaminationOCD #skinpicking #ExposureAndResponsePrevention