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How do I deal with the overwhelm I’m feeling

1 week ago, I inadvertently found out that my sister had an extended affair in the past. She kept it secret from everyone, including her husband of 39 years! When I read something online that raised suspicions , I asked my brother in law if if was true. He said he was emailed this info 10 months ago. I detest dishonesty, and I think that the truth usually comes out. Som I’m struggling with this, as she could have just told family they were having marriage hardship when my brother in law found out, yet, she chose not to share any info about that AGAIN! I realize it’s her choice, and I’m not even sure if my other siblings or our mom knows. I have so many emotions not sure what to say to her….
I also have additional pain this week, and an eye infection. It’s compiling and I’m hyper sensitive person…any advice or consolation? I AM SO GRATEFUL TO HAVE MY MARRIAGE OF 26 YEARS (as of tomorrow) solid. He suggests I see a counselor about it, since it’s not even appropriate to talk to about this with anyone.
#emotional #infidelity #Secrets


Why do you ask about when other people are upset but if I'm upset it's just annoying?

My fiance is a super kind person, but he almost never goes out of his way to do things to make me happy. He doesn't even compliment me. But he comforts random people online with their depression and if I am having a bad day he doesn't want anything to do with it.

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Dark night of the soul

I didn’t see it coming
But I can feel it
It’s there
Slowly taking over
I’m losing control
Death... is easy
To live... it’s the most painful thing to live with
Cutting in too deep
To carve out that pain inside me
The walls around me... screaming
Every tears
Even memories that rips apart my soul
Secrets I held onto will die with me
I tried to hide it
Too weak to speak it
But I forget my eyes speaks
I can’t breathe
I was prepared to fight
Wasn’t prepared to lose
But I lost anyway
Darkness only welcomes those who are predestined
Death comes soo close with such promises
Tried to dig my way out
But the darkness swallowed me whole
The pain I feel
I am slowly dying inside
I no longer have the strength to fight
I can no longer ask for help
It’s too late to save me
Written by S. Vigil
#Darknightofthesoul #Death #emotionalpain #Selfinjury #Secrets #battlingdarkness #Suicide