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Has anyone heard of the app HarmLess? If so have you found it helpful in dealing with SI urges? #selfharmurges #Selfharm


Finger/Toenail Revulsion?

Hi. Is there something that encompasses being disgusted by one's finger and toenails to the point of self-harm? Thanks for your help!

#Selfharm #selfharmthoughts #selfharmurges #BodyDysmorphicDisorder #PremenstrualDysmorphicDisorder

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Struggling immensely with latest UK Lockdown #SuicidalThoughts #selfharmurges #asexual #lonely

Where to start?! I started with a new care coordinator just before Christmas, as my previous CPN had been promoted. (This will have made it 3 CCO’s in less than a YEAR.....) I have, however, physically, only seen her* meaning new CPN three times. The first time was at handover between CPN’s and myself and the second was just before Christmas and the last time was New Year’s Eve. I had a remote Care Plan Review with her and my psychiatrist on 4th Jan (the same day our Prime Minister put us on a national lockdown.)

I live on my own but do have my brother, sister-in-law and 3 nieces as my “support bubble” but currently seeing nobody face to face....

I’m unsure if it’s the fact my support has changed or been withdrawn *AGAIN*? I attend a recovery group twice weekly but they’ve stopped at present and am awaiting for the Therapeutic Community to restart which has been put on hold since March 2020 because of the obvious social distancing issues.

This lockdown seems so much more harder to cope with and I feel lonelier than ever.
Everything seems to be going round my head in a big messy fast paced bleurgh and just struggling to reach out I guess as “everyone’s in the same boat”

Sorry 😞



How do I open up to my therapist about my self harm urges? I’ve been trying too for like a couple of months now but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I haven’t released wgucg is good but like how do I push my self to open up about it.


I'm a failure TW: Self harm urges

I didn't manage to make it into my lecture room since the incident for the second time today.

I failed.

I fail at everything. People figure it out then they leave. I'm just a big fat failure! There's no point in even trying anymore.

The urges to self harm are really strong. I'm at 333 days but I could so easy just say fuck it. I mean what's one more failure? I don't even care at this point.

#CheckInWithMe #Depression #PanicDisorder #PanicAttack #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #ChronicIllness #FunctionalNeurologicalDisorder #PolycysticOvarySyndrome #HemiplegicMigraine #ChronicMigraines #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Disability #Anxiety #Flashbacks #Selfharm #selfharmurges