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#Pain #Flashbacks

Im so tired of all this pain. One thing after the other. Dont get a break to deal with past traumas which giving me now flashbacks

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Therapy did not go well today. I’m having too many flashbacks all at once. I’m hysterical and washing my Klonopin down with a half bottle of Prosecco. I think I’m demon possessed. I don’t want advice. #PTSD #Flashbacks

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Trigger warning

New nightmares last night and I had an old friend tell me not to be angry about the assault. I just yelled why the hell not, I am angry! He told me that they are just going to keep coming back until I stop. So I told him I would buy a weapon and be done with it then because I can't live like this and that's when I woke up still saying the words out loud.

I feel bad for my roomie here at the safehouse having to listen to me. #Nightmares #Flashbacks #PTSD

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#Flashbacks , nightmares

Have any of you been given a prescription for Seroquel. It has helped me initiate sleep, and calms my panic and anxiety but causes ibtense and disturbing dreams. #Insomnia , flashbacks

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Nighttime Anxiety and the Start of a Depressive Spiral?

Nighttime wasn't a good time for me growing up because that's when a majority of the #SexualAbuse occurred. So I guess it makes sense to feel a sense of anxiety and apprehension before going to bed. My #PTSD also interferes with my sleep habits. Not to mention that I typically get up early any way. The nightmares and flashbacks that wake me up prevent me from feeling relaxed. I am on medication for the nightmares but they still happen. Also having #BipolarDisorder complicates my sleep cycle. When I'm manic I can't and don't want to sleep. When I'm depressed, that's all I want to do. I can't tell yet if I'm going into a depressed episode but so far I've had no energy and have been sleeping a lot more. I feel somewhat sad and down but not as bad as usual. Maybe I can work my way out of it before it gets worse. My fear is that I'll emotionally spiral which I try to prevent. Trauma memories lead to crying spells or they'll upset my #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder which causes me to overreact anyways. Living with three mental illnesses is absolutely draining. And it seems like all the therapy and medication can't control them sometimes. What can I do to better manage my mental health and get better sleep? I appreciate all of you and hope things are going well. I believe in you so thanks for believing in me. Stay safe and reach out for help if you need to.

#Abuse #Survivor #Sleep #Nightmares #Flashbacks #Emotions

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