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What all psychiatrists Should explain when diagnosing.

I've lived with #Bipolar #BPD #Depression #ADHD my entire life.
I did not understand any of the labels, and no one explained them. So I studied these disorders, as well as the brain and how it all works, in order to know what was wrong with me.

Now that I'm qualified, and have a clear understanding of the workings of the #Bipolar /BPD/Depressed/ADHD brain, I Counsel people, knowing what it feels like to be #mentally ill, but mostly, I'm able to tell my clients what's going on in their #Bipolar /BPD/Depressed/ADHD brains.

IF my psychiatrist had only told me, what chemicals were working how and where, and what happens when #Mania   hits, or depression etc..the day he diagnosed me, my life and loved ones lives would've been very much better.

#Psychiatrist ! please explain your patients condition to them, in a way that'll help them understand the sudden drop in #dopamine or #seratonin or #endorphins ...explain what is going on inside of our heads please!
You cannot and should not give a #mental illness #Diagnosis , without a #why ? .
Understanding our conditions, is key to a happier, understandable life for all.

IF our loved ones, and WE, know, that #Bipolar #BPD #Depression #ADHD - etc 'tilt' (as I call it to my clients) - due to our chemicals being unbalanced, then, when we suddenly get really #Manic , our loved ones will understand what #Chemical . i.e. #dopamine   is filling our brains, and we are not in control of that.
IF we suddenly get #depressed , then we and our loved ones will know that our brains have had a sudden drop in #seratonin , or #dopamine or both - and that we are not just behaving badly.

To my mind, one of the most important factors needed to end the #Stigma  against #mental illness, is to EXPLAIN what one cannot see in the brain - i.e. our feel good, happy, needed, yet not functioning normally #chemicals .

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#themightysupportsystem "#Onestepatatime #readyourmindandbody #dopaminehormonegoalsetting #seratonin /lovetrust/neurotransmitter #duedilligence

I am currently homebound due to excrutiating nerve pain throught back/neck/arms. This prevents me from driving, which prevents me from visiting close friends whom i love and trust. I'm homebound with an emotionally abusive husband. All of the hastags preceding this might give you an idea of areas that are vital to be intuned with; depressing & self loathing are creeping in; not fun but i'm aware of WHY they are creeping in. I need to think outside my own box; create doable concrete goals with visual aid of checklists to see how i'm doing. (Read books A,B,C ea. 30mins in AM & 30 minsPM; each day work on art therapy; explore!; use different mediums; the 700lb. phone!;answer phone 1x/return one missed call, etc. #successbringssuccess
I often tell people I 'do the work' as best i can. #progressnotperfection
It's a bless to have learned to break down the what/why/how ; to get to the root of depression, sadness creeping in. #Selfpreservation
My nerve pain will end soon;in the meantime i'll try to focus on my "in house goals ."

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