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F is for Favourite Things:


any and all aspects of mental and physical health.

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens... Sorry for that earworm but Julie Andrews had a point; it's good to surround ourselves with our favourite things - both in good times and tricky times.

A good book, favourite song, treasured blanket or soft toy can elevate a good mood to the next level or anchor us when things are a little tougher. Shared favourites lead to shared experiences and create bonds with friends and family or introduce us to new people too. Favourite clothes tend to give us more comfort or confidence which can positively impact our situation.

Talking about our favourite food or favourite memory is a great way to break the ice and revisit that moment/experience, even just a memory can trigger endorphin production - leading to feeling calmer, happier or more grounded.

As previously discussed, re-watching a favourite TV show/episode or film etc can be a good way to stabilise our mood as we already know what to expect and how we feel about it.

A favourite scent triggers the strongest memories (locked into our olfactory sense) and can often make us feel like we are back in that time or place.

Favourite music/songs also have a similar effect and are strongly connected to memory retrieval.

Not forgetting of course our favourite people; they have by far the biggest positive influence on how we feel - the relief of speaking on the phone to a favourite person or the elated feeling we get spending time with them when we can. Especially if we ate our favourite food, with our favourite person/people, in our favourite outfit, listening to our favourite music/song - the level of comfort that could provide is almost unmatched.

The way we give gifts is also tied into this - hopefully, we manage to gift a favourite item to the recipient, which in turn makes us feel good too.

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What all psychiatrists Should explain when diagnosing.

I've lived with #Bipolar #BPD #Depression #ADHD my entire life.
I did not understand any of the labels, and no one explained them. So I studied these disorders, as well as the brain and how it all works, in order to know what was wrong with me.

Now that I'm qualified, and have a clear understanding of the workings of the #Bipolar /BPD/Depressed/ADHD brain, I Counsel people, knowing what it feels like to be #mentally ill, but mostly, I'm able to tell my clients what's going on in their #Bipolar /BPD/Depressed/ADHD brains.

IF my psychiatrist had only told me, what chemicals were working how and where, and what happens when #Mania   hits, or depression etc..the day he diagnosed me, my life and loved ones lives would've been very much better.

#Psychiatrist ! please explain your patients condition to them, in a way that'll help them understand the sudden drop in #dopamine or #seratonin or #endorphins ...explain what is going on inside of our heads please!
You cannot and should not give a #mental illness #Diagnosis , without a #why ? .
Understanding our conditions, is key to a happier, understandable life for all.

IF our loved ones, and WE, know, that #Bipolar #BPD #Depression #ADHD - etc 'tilt' (as I call it to my clients) - due to our chemicals being unbalanced, then, when we suddenly get really #Manic , our loved ones will understand what #Chemical . i.e. #dopamine   is filling our brains, and we are not in control of that.
IF we suddenly get #depressed , then we and our loved ones will know that our brains have had a sudden drop in #seratonin , or #dopamine or both - and that we are not just behaving badly.

To my mind, one of the most important factors needed to end the #Stigma  against #mental illness, is to EXPLAIN what one cannot see in the brain - i.e. our feel good, happy, needed, yet not functioning normally #chemicals .



Too often I’m told that I should try exercises because it releases #endorphins . The #Anti depressant hormones. That annoys and hurts. #ignorance surrounding #mental #illness is rife. If exercise fixed my #Broken #Brain of course I’d go all out. No one wants to live in abject #depressive misery.

I WISH I heard #supporting words, for e.g. when #Depression strikes I’m offered a simple kind word. I.e. #how #can #I #help .or #I #Love #you . It’ll pass.