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Question movies/series addiction

Dear all,

I have been struggling for years now with watching movies/series as an (as in: at least daily), and I feel so disconnected from myself when I give in. I'd love to have different coping mechanisms, but they feel impossible to make my own.

I guess it has to do with the unique functions of movies/series to me. Could you maybe share your thoughts on what steps I could take/different coping mechanisms that could have similar functions?

• Emotions

o Emotion regulation: I often cry at movies because I can identify/empathize with the people I see.

o Avoiding emotions: When I feel stressed/angry/anxious, this is the most effective way to distract myself from it.

o I'm afraid of what will happen if I stop watching movies, just because I'm not used to it.

• Distraction (which generates energy)

o It's the only coping style I know that really distracts me from things going on (i.e., free time/me-time), but that does energize me. Perhaps also because music and visual effects and emotion etc. are involved, while all I have to do is sit still on my couch...

o Things such as listening to or making music, reading books, exercising, doing puzzles, etc. give less distraction than movies (because I am quickly distracted from the activities) and they provide almost no energy (they rather cost energy).

• Socializing

o I think that I feel quite in general and that movies help with this. In movies there are always the cliché fantastic people, such as mental/spiritual older coaches, "real" friends, "real" love relationships, etc. In real life it's super hard to meet these people. Also because it can take a lot of energy to approach people (introvert, yeey), but also because my standard is high now. How am I ever going to find the great people from movies in real life? And how do I deal with the intensely critical thoughts I now have towards people in real life?

Thank you so much for your thoughts 🖤

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I Am Not Okay with This

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