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Question movies/series addiction

Dear all,

I have been struggling for years now with watching movies/series as an (as in: at least daily), and I feel so disconnected from myself when I give in. I'd love to have different coping mechanisms, but they feel impossible to make my own.

I guess it has to do with the unique functions of movies/series to me. Could you maybe share your thoughts on what steps I could take/different coping mechanisms that could have similar functions?

• Emotions

o Emotion regulation: I often cry at movies because I can identify/empathize with the people I see.

o Avoiding emotions: When I feel stressed/angry/anxious, this is the most effective way to distract myself from it.

o I'm afraid of what will happen if I stop watching movies, just because I'm not used to it.

• Distraction (which generates energy)

o It's the only coping style I know that really distracts me from things going on (i.e., free time/me-time), but that does energize me. Perhaps also because music and visual effects and emotion etc. are involved, while all I have to do is sit still on my couch...

o Things such as listening to or making music, reading books, exercising, doing puzzles, etc. give less distraction than movies (because I am quickly distracted from the activities) and they provide almost no energy (they rather cost energy).

• Socializing

o I think that I feel quite in general and that movies help with this. In movies there are always the cliché fantastic people, such as mental/spiritual older coaches, "real" friends, "real" love relationships, etc. In real life it's super hard to meet these people. Also because it can take a lot of energy to approach people (introvert, yeey), but also because my standard is high now. How am I ever going to find the great people from movies in real life? And how do I deal with the intensely critical thoughts I now have towards people in real life?

Thank you so much for your thoughts 🖤

#Movies #series #Addiction #coping #Emotions #distraction #Socializing #Loneliness

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Looking for advice- unfortunately, about two years ago when my anxiety was unbelievable, I got prescribed Xanax and did indeed become addicted. Very much so. It’s taken almost two years now but I’m almost off. My brains coming back. It’s exciting and also completely terrifying. I haven’t been able to work because of withdrawals, but I’m well enough now to at least get out into the world and start trying.
I miss life. I miss people.
The problem is, in my past, the people I had in my community as friends were not nice people. It’s not a great neighbourhood and holds a lot of dark memories from my past.
I don’t have many people to rely on or even see and it’s led to (along with other things) a huge crash in self esteem and confidence.
What are some things I can do to get out and be social without committing to a job yet? I’ve thought of volunteering but any other ideas are also helpful!

#Benzos #withdrawal #Xanax #valium #Socializing #BPD #social isolation #CovidIsolation #selfisolation #Newfriends


Social Isolation and COVID-19

Hi everyone! I'm in the middle of brainstorming an article on the effects of COVID-19 and social isolation. Have you been feeling afraid of going outside? Meeting people? How do you think the pandemic has been affecting how you've been socializing?

Let me know in the comments! #COVID19 #HealthAnxiety #SocialAnxiety #Isolation #Anxiety #Socializing


Fitting In

I always feel like I can't fit in with friend groups or communities. I always feel on the outside. I can never tell if I put myself there or others do or both but I really hate that feeling. It just makes me feel alone and unwanted. #fittingin #alone #Socializing #Friends #Mentalillnessfeelslike

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Exhausted but Cant Flake :/

We had some unexpected company. So I quickly made the house look presentable, tried to look presentable myself and they weren't here for very long but it just wiped me out! I ate a good healthy lunch, had some coffee and I feel like Ill pass out tonight when my sis comes for girls night. 😑
Anybody else get exhausted sometimes when you socialize? How do you deal with being tired daily? Because I have tried everything 😟

#tired #Anxiety #Depression #Socializing #Mightyhumour #MightyLaughs


Friday night out

I'm going out to an event tonight. There will be a couple hundred people there and then I was invited to go out to the bar afterward. I don't really know many people in this new city yet, so I want to go...but the anxiety is climbing. I'm giving myself permission to bow out of drinks afterward, but not having a car means I'm reliant on people I don't know very well for transportation.

Wish me luck!

#Socializing #Anxiety #fridaynightout



I’m laying here stressing about all of the social outings/obligations my bf and I have coming up. We have an event or some kind of friend obligation every weekend until the end of August.

Whenever we have something like this, things get tense between us because I start going into full panic a few nights before and leading up to the day of whatever we need to do.
These obligations can be anything from having some friends over for a fire in the backyard with my best friends or meeting up with some of his peers in the next city over for dinner and drinks to driving 3 hours away to spend the weekend with his family.

It’s tough because he gets so excited to socialize and is so good at it. But it’s miserable for me because I stress out - what am I going to wear? What are we going to talk about? Do they like me? Does anyone even care that I’m there? - and have a hard time with this because in my head all I want to do is stay home.

I hate feeling like a burden. Always telling him “go alone” when he tells me “we’re a team and I want to do this with you”.
Does anyone have any tips for socializing when it just feels hard and exhausting to leave the house?

#SocialAnxiety #Stress #Socializing #Anxiety