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#ChronicIllness #Drorders #Relapsing

Here’s the thing: when you have #multiplechronicilllness and you try to follow #Drorders in order to stay #Healthy it can be #Overwhelming causing you to #Relapse and do whatever you want to. And when you realize what has happened, you feel #ashamed of yourself but the truth is it’s ok that it happened because it’s hard for us all to #stayhealthy and when you have #multiplechronicillnesses it just becomes harder. So you pick yourself up and tell yourself that tomorrow is a new day. And that even though this has happened, you put it behind you and move on. Because everyone has #Setbacks and #TheMighty is there for us all. And even though I am not doing what the sleep doctor and neurologist told me to do, tomorrow is a fresh start.


My anxiety has seriously spiralled. I saw an emergency counsellor and I'm now working on doing more things that make me happy. My homework has been do something that makes you happy for half an hour each day.
Day 1 - played with make up. Got a chemical burn from a lip pencil
Day 2 - went to the pub with friends. Got boiling water poured on my finger so ended up with first aid burn treatment. My finger is currently in a bowl of water.
Day 3 - let's find out tomorrow 😓 #Anxiety #selfImprovement #Setbacks #Motivation

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Setbacks #Setbacks I will not give up but it is discouraging

#CheckInWithMe Two steps back this week. The sun will rise again tomorrow goddess willing. 💙🦋🌀