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Sharing page: Chapter: Shame and Its Accomplices

Hi Mighties,
I'd like to share one more page from the chapter: Shame and Its Accomplices by author (psychiatrist) Paul Conti in his book called 'Trauma The Invisible Epidemic How Trauma Works and How We Can Heal From It'

Referring to page attached:

Identifying how to manage self talk and improving self care and image.

....'Write down 3 healthy meals a day, a reliable car or not being scared at home. Writing this out can help you discover whatever basics you might be lacking and give you some ideas about what you can do to help yourself.'

Ask yourself: what are 3 basic needs you wish to improve or manage in your life?

#Selfcare #Selftalk #MentalHealth #selfImprovement #CheckInWithMe

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How to improve communicate and not just do avoidance?

With anxiety occasionally I’ll avoid things or confrontations, etc unpleasant things, or even procrastinate and so on. Does anyone have any tips to improve and or communicate better my needs or find some middle ground where everyone is happy instead of avoiding the situation in the first place? Mainly family related, but just in general want to improve on the area. Thanks!

#Anxiety #Communication #Wondering #thanks #appreciateit #selfImprovement #thanks #Trying #Depression

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Does anyone else struggle with anxiety and lying ?

White lies or major lies? To avoid confrontation, or so on I don’t typically but sometimes I do and want to work on it, just wanted to know if anyone else struggles with this and anxiety.

#Anxiety #lies #feelbad #DoingMyBest #selfaware #selfImprovement #Depression #Guilt #Shame #Dontknowwhy #ThankYou #Support

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Help with work anxiety

:) I am at a new job and usually struggle to find or keep employment, so far everyone is nice and the training is better than at other places, but guess don’t want to feel alone in my struggles hiding my mental health at the workplace, maybe eventually I can reach out for help if they are accommodating, they offer some mental health supports partnerships so I’m incredibly lucky. Thanks for any tips and sharing your own story or struggles with work anxiety.

😊🙂🙂💕🙏 💼



#Newjob #Anxiety #coping #Trying #Hardwork #DoingMyBest #Hope #New #Life #struggles #Selflove #patience #growing #selfImprovement #resillience #Work #WorkAnxiety #Job #Brave #fears #Journaling #tryingtoovercomefears #SocialAnxiety #Coworkers #Nice #positive #positiveexperience

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How To Define Who You Are When You’ve Lost Part of Yourself

Hey yall,

I wanted to share my story that was syndicated by The Good Men Project. I discuss how to find your identity when you've lost part of yourself.

"The answers to these questions will, without fail, reveal your core identity. We’re going to dig deeper than activities and nouns that describe your career. You are more than that."

I hope this article is helpful!

#MentalHealth #Identity #selfImprovement #personaldevelopment #Spirituality

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I will persevere #semicolon #MentalIllness #BPD #Depression

Everyone in their lifetime has been put to the test, trials and tribulations. It’s the question of how you continue to preservere. I had this tattoo done over a year ago. Somewhere in it is the semicolon symbol. We all know what that symbol means.

Ever since I was hospitalized for attempted suicide several weeks ago I had a complete 180 turn on my life. Armed with knowledge I’ve learned from my 7 day stay, I have a better outlook on life. It didn’t matter how hard my battles were I kept going. Things are never easy, it never is. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to give up.

I know you’re having difficulty with getting through life. Welcome to the club but that doesn’t mean you’re throwing in the towel. You keep going and never looking back.

As for me I recently experienced a heartbreak. I’m currently grieving but I know I’ll get over the heartache. Life will go on. I’ll continue to better myself and grow. My main priority is Me.

You never stop learning, never stop improving and never give up on yourself! Make a promise to yourself. I believe in you! #believeinyourself #selfImprovement