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#Recovery from #SubstanceAbuse

One of the ways I first recognize that someone may be on the path to relapse is if I see that they aren't really grasping the complexity of the change that has to happen in recovery. Usually, without intervention, the people like this end up in the same types of situations they've been in before, and it leads to the same problems. And they rarely see it while it's happening. It generally takes hitting rock bottom again before they realize they messed up. For more, visit the link in my profile #Addiction #Sobriety #SobrietySaves #MentalHealth #Recovery #RecoveryIsPossible #soberlifestyle #SubstanceAbuse

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#SubstanceAbuse #Addiction

Becoming addicted to a substance isn't as simple as people like to believe. There are many times that an addiction happens because the person is trying to cope with (or ignore) whatever traumatic experience, mental health condition, or physical condition they have. Abuse, tragedy, pain, loss- they can all contribute, as can so many other negative experiences. As long as people believe they need drugs, they'll find them. No matter how many drug busts are made, there is always someone else waiting to step in. Taking one drug out of play just pushes them to another. They WILL keep finding something to use until they die or decide it's time to work on those demons sober, and get clean. The only REAL solution to the addiction crisis is to start treating the underlying causes. Improve the quality of life, and you'll have less people needing to use drugs recreationally. We're always going to have people in the "party stage," and there will always be addicts, but we can DEFINITELY reduce the number affected by making the right changes to the system. If you're addicted, face those demons and get clean. It's time. #SobrietySaves #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #MentalHealth

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#Addiction #Recovery

I care. I care, and I understand because I have lived it. I am always here for anyone that needs to talk, needs distracted, or whatever. I don't sugarcoat, but I am very reasonable, non-judgemental, and try to be balanced, so I am not at all cruel. Being honest doesn't have to mean being mean or rude. I probably won't say what you want to hear, but I will say what I believe to be the best for each situation when the opportunity is given, or I'll just listen. Usually, I'll tell you something relatable that I've done because I've been through more than my fair share of wild, traumatic, or heartbreaking situations, and those I haven't experienced, someone close to me probably has. I'm here and I care about you, even if I don't know you, because every life matters. Many people become addicted because of things that have happened to them, whether it's an illness or a traumatic event. No one just decided to be addicted to drugs or alcohol, they are trying to deal with something- whether that's pain, insecurities, anxiety, or some other issue. There's always a reason, even if it isn't immediately understood. I am not a medical professional in anyway- I've lived it. I'm here for you, and will help however I can, and will give you some links to professionals who can help if you need it, or just talk you through a craving- whatever. #Addiction #SubstanceUseDisorders #SobrietySaves