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    Hello! 👋

    My name is Elizabeth Waldron. I'm from St.Catharines,Ontario Canada. New Member of this group! Living and loving life sober one day at a time! #SOBER #FreedomfromAddiction
    #NeverAlone #EST 😍 ✌ 😊 💪

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    #Sobriety and IG ads

    I'm very proud of my 14 years of #Sobriety . And while I wouldn't go as far as to say I was tempted by the non-stop alcohol ads were quite bothersome. So I'm taking a break. Maybe I'll return after the holidays. Maybe not. Either way, I'm doing what's right for me.
    #mighty #SOBER #Bipolar2Disorder

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    Another step backwards

    I decided to give up alcohol as it was getting really bad for my mental health and I was using it as a coping mechanism. It's only been a few weeks but I've started self harming again because I can't deal with my anxiety, stress and unstable emotions. Has anyone else experienced this? Will I ever learn to just feel how I'm feeling without resorting to unhealthy coping mechanisms? #MentalHealth #SOBER #Selfharm #Bipolar #Anxiety


    #Depression #SOBER #fighting #darkthoughts

    I have been sober 5 years with zero cravings. The past 2 weeks, nearly daily, I have struggled with the urges to drink. It is concerning since I've no desire for alcohol. If anyone could reach out and talk to me, maybe that would help understand better


    Clean Sheets

    It’s a small victory and I guess I’m gonna pat myself on the back as I’m lounging in my bed. Did all my laundry. Put it all away. Took a shower. #Selftalk #SOBER #FunctioningDepression #Anxiety


    Sunday Morning

    Woke up anxious and already feeling defeated. Why does everything seem so hard?? Just doing laundry feels like a daunting task. My mind went straight to drinking. Why can’t I just have two drinks and relax? Why does it have to be 5 to feel fun and fancy free & 9 to pass out? Just took my AM pills wonder how long they’ll take to kick in…Forget about meeting anyone and socializing, it’s a pipe dream to ‘bump’ into my soulmate at a museum…my heart is racing as I sit on the couch trying to concentrate on reruns of “Saved by the Bell”…even taking the first sip of my coffee is requiring too much thought and collaboration of my brain & limbs. I stare at the mug and know it’s getting cold-another task I’ll have to do again. Why???!!!! Why does everything have to be so hard?? Why can’t I just wake up & not have to categorize my thoughts and actions and build secret plans in my head with backup plans just to get ‘normal’ shit done ?? I’m already exhausted!!!!!! AND I SLEPT 8 hours!!!!! ….Good morning. #Anxiety #ChronicDepression #BipolarDisorder #SOBER



    Ok here it is. I’m still #SOBER .
    5 months. It’s harder than I thought, despite being on meds to counter my bi-polar depression/mania & GAD, because it feels like my emotions are getting the better of me-causing me to isolate-which is the typical cycle of when I stray from the line… BUT I have spent the last 151 days facing my demons, telling the voices to shut up & (finally) truly beginning to forgive myself from a mistake I made 25 years ago. Nothing changes if nothing changes.


    New to this group

    Hello. I have never been involved in any kind of group like this, regardless of medium. I am a #Csa survivor, and just would like to be able to communicate with others who are trying to heal. I know that everyone’s story is unique and complicated, so, I won’t dwell on too much detail.
    I have only made my CSA public recently after over 30 years of silence, having been abused by multiple siblings. I have been diagnosed with other mental health issues and am two years post spinal surgery and still in recovery. I am also 11 years sober from a very complicated period of multiple addictions.
    Thank you in advance for your time and patience. I only hope I can help others in this group. #SOBER #CPTSD #MajorDepressionDisorder #Anxiety #ChronicPain


    Thank you ! #SOBER support#chronic pain#Disability

    Yesterday I posted that I had 27 years of sobriety. I can't mention it to my family, so I reached out to you, dear friends. I am truly humbled by your responses.
    How have I been sober all these years ? I went to AA, got a sponsor who helped me WORK the 12 steps and incorporate them into my life. Because being clean is not the same as sobriety. Sobriety is a way of living the 12 steps.
    Yes, they are 12 steps for living. After all of these years, I still take life one step at a time.
    It is one thing to know the 12 steps. It's a whole other thing to believe in them and actually WORK them. If you do, it becomes a way of life.
    And I am forever grateful for this gift and for waking up today sober.
    Thank you dear friends. I feel humbled by your support.