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    Is this manipulative or am I thinking too much?

    I am in hospital after overdosing on my psychiatric medicines. It was because of a few events that upsets me, and I got triggered after I try to seek console from my mother and she reply coldly that she cannot do anything to help me. I think she was upset with me because I bring up a mistake that she made but she insist that she didn’t do anything wrong. Usually she would visit me at the hospital. Today my father and younger sister are all free from work, my mother is a housewife. But they went out together and even dine at a restaurant. They posted photos of themselves in the family WhatsApp group. They did not visit me or even give me a text. Yes we live together and they are all aware I’m in hospital. I have a feeling my mother put them up to it because my father and younger sister always listens to her. Is this manipulation? Or am I overthinking?

    I try to ignore it but I still cried. Thoughts of harming myself comes to my mind because I’m upset. They always come to me when they need help. I was also always generous in spending money on them.

    Is kinship really such fragile and meaningless?

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    Is he lier? Scared.

    <p>Is he lier? Scared.</p>
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    New to posting

    Hi I am Tiffany- I am new to posting, I definitely enjoy reading and replying to posts. I live with Depression, social anxiety disorder, disordered eating, and stimulant addiction. My social anxiety causes isolation....I am single and my kids are grown...I live alone. I am looking for suggestions to help with the loneliness...some connection, it sucks and just makes the depression worse sometimes. Maybe just posting will help? I haven't navigated the mighty app too much so any suggestions would be great, thank you!

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    ASD vs INFP

    Why ASD?
    Could it be I’m just an INFP + Pisces?
    Plus some social anxieties?

    Well, sorry if I sound stupid/arrogant to you… I just don’t feel liberated with the ASD label… This is so worrying!

    #depression #anxiety #socialanxiety #anxietydisorder #socialanxietydisorder #dependentpersonalitydisorder #paranoidpersonalitydisorder #avoidantpersonalitydisorder #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #psychosis #psychoticdisorder #delusionaldisorder #autismspectrumdisorder #mentalhealth #selfcare #memes

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    Hope you’ll have a fantastic day, and days and days!

    <p>Hope you’ll have a fantastic day, and days and days!</p>
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    People Anger. People Angels.

    <p>People Anger. People Angels.</p>
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    Low self-esteem or real inadequacy?

    Last night I called a helpline to talk, because I was crying too much. I told her I feel that I am born inadequate to live in this world. She immediately rephrased it as “low self-esteem”. When I was a small child, I had Asthma and some heart problem, and always need to be admitted in the hospital. I’m not sure what it is called, but in layman term, the doctor said there’s a hole in my heart, and my heartbeat sound different from the normal people. And suddenly I grew up, and I don’t need to go to hospital anymore, I’m not sure if it was cured or not. But I feel that it was a hint, a hint that I am not born suitable for this world. I don’t want to go through all the ‘sufferings’ that people say are ‘part of life’. If life is as such, then I don’t want life all together, there’s no point. I’m just thinking, how do you differentiate low self-esteem and real inadequacy? What if I’m really inadequate for life?

    #Depression #anxiety #socialanxiety#anxietydisorder #socialanxietydisorder #dependentpersonalitydisorder #paranoidpersonalitydisorder #avoidantpersonalitydisorder #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #psychosis #psychoticdisorder #delusionaldisorder #autismspectrumdisorder #mentalhealth #selfcare #memes

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    Hello! My name is Alaina and I have a question about diagnosis. I have been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, and ADHD. However, I strongly I believe I am autistic and suspect I have what used to be called Aspbergers, but now is just referred to as an Autism Spectrum Disorder. I believe the anxiety and depression happened as a result of me not ever having a sense of self or autonomy as a child and overall confusion and discomfort that I didn't understand until now. To get a neuro psych evaluation done as a 25 year old adult, it would cost me about a thousand US dollars out of pocket. Another option would be to see a counselor or coach who specializes in this area and learn the skills I need to feel secure and safe as I move throughout life. I am VERY good at masking, to the point that I only discovered how uncomfortable I was until recently. Also to the point that my family and friends don't believe me when I tell them I think I could be autistic. I was on psychiatric meds for a few years and was pretty much numb, so I was ignoring all of my sensitivities that I am feeling now that I'm off of meds. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks in advance!

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    A nightmare

    Had a nightmare: A bunch of doctors are going to open my skull and do some brain surgery. They gave me something to sleep but I couldn’t sleep. I heard the sound of the saw cutting into my skull, but I don’t feel the pain.

    Been having a lot of nightmares recently.

    #depression #anxiety #socialanxiety#anxietydisorder #socialanxietydisorder #dependentpersonalitydisorder #paranoidpersonalitydisorder #avoidantpersonalitydisorder #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #psychosis #psychoticdisorder #delusionaldisorder #autismspectrumdisorder #mentalhealth #selfcare #memes

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