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Covid Sucks #COVID19 #Lovedones #Holiday

This Thanksgiving sucks. Normally it’s my whole immediate family getting together all day. Well this year, my fiancé, whom I live with, has tested positive for Covid earlier this week. I am luck, so far, in that the tests are coming back negative. I still feel like my body is fighting something but they’re running tests as I MIGHT have a blood infection due to my port. So yeah, if this year could just hurry up and be over that’d be great! I just want some hugs and cuddles and that’s a big no from anyone right now. Anyways, thank you for letting me vent! #Vent #ventsession #Thanksgiving #holidayssuck #ChronicDepression #ChronicIllness #


I'm lost. # ptsd #Death #Lovedones

2yrs ago. I lost my mother. I was put into a hospital the day before, because my diabetic sugar level was off the chart. I didnt know i was in a hospital. 12hrs later my mothet passed away. I was in yhe hospital for 5 days, again i didnt know i was there. The 5th day, i realized where i was but didnt know why. I was released tjat day about 5 o'clock p.m. when i was let out nobody would tell me anything about my mom. I was taken to my sisters house, they wouldnt let me go home. Still nobody would tell me anything. Later that night a friend stop by to check on was then i found out my mom had passed away. I find put they laid her to rest, on the day i was released for the hospital. It screwed me up so bad. Well i had to see therapist, psychiatrist and a psychotherapist. And was diagnosed with P.T.S.D. i break down almost daily. I have no one to turn to or to be there when i break down. Im not pn any kindnof medicine for it. Im so lost. I need someone.

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Baking just isn’t enough #TheMighty #Unappreciated

So baking is one of my favorite hobbies and love spoiling people through it. I love seeing the joy and smiles on people face when they enjoy a treat or two. A #smile is a gift that is literally pricelesss and hold so much value. https://P.s #smile is a form of charity, can will light up even a stranger day. While I enjoy baking and love seeing the end result. I most love doing to make my #Lovedones happy. Then the sad part comes when you feel #Unappreciated and #worthless when they treat you like all you do is spend money. To me it not about spending money, it’s about making people happy and always having something sweet close by. #money makes the world go round(sadly). People forgot the #value of love and appreciation. I’m not the most approachable person so I use my baking as a form of love, expression or so to say communicating. But that’s not enough in today life it’s all about the bigger, sparkly and glitzy things. Why do people have this persona that if you can baking that all you can do, being gifted to do it all is possible. #Standupforyourself, So today I decide to increase on my self love and not do as much for other. #Unappreciated #anxiousthoughts #On #Anxiety #Selfharm #appreciatelife #Selflove #TheMighty #LoveYouMore


Day after therapy and no sleep

So yesterday was therapy day, nothing like digging up old dirt, and no time to prosess it alone. Husband was warned it would be a fragile day, but still i got the low down on how i act makes him 9pm when my heads already been whirling 🙄🙈 1am still bolt up and he wonders why i go to the sitting room fast forward 10 hours ive had 1hour30 and his first words when he appears up you speaking today 😳😳😤😤😤🤬😡

#MentalHealth #nosleep ##posttherapyday #COVID #Lovedones #becomingenimies


How do you manage depressive episodes that begin with isolating yourself?

One of the signs that I'm experiencing a depressive episode when I isolate myself from friends, family, and my significant other. And each time I struggle to manage how I respond to the voice in my head that I should be alone because no one wants to deal with me when I'm depressed. I've been able to communicate when these episodes happen, but I have trouble acknowledging that I'm isolating myself on purpose until several days later. This often frustrates my loved ones because they want to support me but they don't know what's going on. If you're like me, do you struggle to balance needing some space and going into total isolation? This can often be dangerous for me if I spiral into suicidal ideation and, sometimes, attempts. I'd love to know how the Mighty community handles these phases. Anything would help! #Isolation #Depression #Lovedones #managingmood

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What’s the best way to support a loved one going through an anxiety attack? #Anxiety #Lovedones #Support

My husband has been having a difficult time recently. Just wondering what some of you do for your partner, or what do you appreciate when people do for you? #Anxiety #Lovedones #Support #Advice


Loved ones - Tonight’s thought #CheckInWithMe #Lovedones

It feels that I don’t spend time with loved ones. Parents live in a different town, my partner lives in a different country. I live in the same city with my brothers but they are tied up. I have no friends, apart from work mates. Sometimes if feels everybody lives his/her life and I’m stuck.


Losing #mom #Death #CarAccident #Lovedones

How do you get over some one you lost? There is not one answer to this question. There multiple....for this is a hard answer and question.

I lost my mom. It has and always be the hardest thing I’ve ever been through. Losing your best friend and mom in one day is hard. I got talk to her the day before she passed. I told her I loved her. She was hit by a 16 year old. The 16 year old bypassed a car that was stoped and hi my moms car at 69 mph. She died instantly and the kid walked away.

It’s hard not to be mad at the kid at life in general. I don’t know what to do. It’s been a little over a year and I still miss her so much. I miss her voice, her hugs, her smell. Everything.


A little help

I’ve finally decided to take my husband to my psychiatric appts with me. I’m glad I did. He was able to give my doctor enough info to fully solidify his Bipolar I diagnosis. While this disorder terrifies me and makes me sad I didn’t know sooner, I am glad he was able to share what insight he had to help my doctor help me. If you have a loved one, try taking them to an appt so they can help fill in the blanks you may have forgotten or (gulp) didn’t even know. #BipolarTypeI #BipolarDisorder #DoctorVisit #Lovedones