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Set In Stone

Regardless of how other people see you, respond to you, act toward you, even how you feel about yourself, know that your inherent value is NOT affected by it. Your value comes from the fact that YOU are YOU, you can never be replaced, and that if you are still breathing, you are still here for a purpose.

I say this as I, myself, deal with the above and have absolutely no idea why I have been kept here on earth. I feel like I have no purpose and that I can't possibly be used in a way that offsets the burden I feel I am. Even if I, myself, don't believe it, it doesn't mean it isn't true.

I am right there with you. I feel ya.

#TheMighty #MightyTogether #value #purpose #Burden #Belief #Perspective

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A prayer for each one of you

Lord I ask you to please bring your peace and comfort to each and everyone on this site. You know their pain. You know their wounds and I ask right now that you surround each and everyone of them with your presence. Please love on them in a way they've never known. Please heal their deepest hurts and give them the hope they so desperately need. Please let them know just how much you love them and just how valuable their lives are, not only to you, but also to this world. You are amazing Lord and I love you. In Jesus'precious name I pray. Amen. #peace #Comfort #Hope #Love #Healing #value #Valuable #Faith #god #Jesus #IntercessionforIllness #MightyTogether #TheMighty

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What he/she/they/you think of me is None of my business, and here is why:

We all know the #struggle it is to #Love ourselves, to even find and hold onto #Selfworth is a great challenge fr most of us. In a civilization saturated by a culture corporate/business model norm that our worth, our #value is based on #Productivity and we come to define productive as getting dressed, brushing our teeth, COOKING, and the true miracle- going for a #Walk . The opinions of those who can not “walk a mile in our lives” COMPLETELY lack any value to us. Oh, you will encounter fakers who will mock our lives, as if they have given it thought. However, when you whisper to their bravado the reality their minds are too small to absorb it. A shout on f how dramatic you are!
Again, the opinion of him/her/they or them is utterly meaningless. Only YOU know your truth, your effort given your #resources . Our remaining #resources whether it be #Fibromyalgia , #Asthma , #MajorDepression , #AnxietyAttack , #longcovid , #ChronicFatigue , or one f the many combinations of #AutoimmuneDisease with so much else, NO ONE knows how much is in our tank on any given day, r the #courage it takes to #rest !!!!

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Self Value #Selflove #value #perfectionism #Selfhate

A therapist told me once that I have value just the way that I am, no accomplishments required. I agree with this in principle but have a hell of a time putting it into practice. Any ideas on how to cultivate this feeling?


Well, This Happened

Everyday this week, I had consciously decided not to talk to this guy at work whom I’ve always liked, but because of past events along with me forever feeling that I’m either too much or not enough (among other feelings). For the last few months, we weren’t really speaking to each other because he started hanging out with the other guys at work and for that, I felt like he had abandoned me and I went from admiring him to hating him very fast. Overall, I can’t deny the fact that even though things have happened, he is a good guy. So this week, I’ve literally been praying that I could avoid him for the rest of the time that I was at work. On Monday when I did this, he ended up showing up at my work area and started talking to me. I brushed it off because I thought it was a one time thing and that he’ll go back to not talking to me again. The next day, the same thing pretty much happened. But what happened last night really scared me. I was working and he came in to help me. After a while of not saying much, he asked me about my family and also my mental health. I didn’t go into great detail because I didn’t know how he would take the heaviness of everything I’ve been feeling. So, I told him that it could be better than what it is now. And he literally said this:”You can tell me what’s wrong, let me make you feel better.” THAT was the moment that really scared me. I really didn’t know what to think let alone know how to handle it. It is hard to me to accept help and even harder for me to accept anything from a man. I know that he cares, but it’s hard for me to fully accept that anyone cares. I’ve been pushing him away and yet I find it hard to let him go. I’ve hated him, but would feel hurt because I felt he was leaving me behind. It’s all really confusing. I don’t expect anything major to come out of this, and thinking about it makes me all the more scared and anxious. #MentalHealth #Depression #Relationships #anxiousthoughts #devalue #value #scared #relationshipsarehard #pushingpeopleaway #Avoiding #feelings #Accepting #Men #feelingscared #battling

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Baking just isn’t enough #TheMighty #Unappreciated

So baking is one of my favorite hobbies and love spoiling people through it. I love seeing the joy and smiles on people face when they enjoy a treat or two. A #smile is a gift that is literally pricelesss and hold so much value. https://P.s #smile is a form of charity, can will light up even a stranger day. While I enjoy baking and love seeing the end result. I most love doing to make my #Lovedones happy. Then the sad part comes when you feel #Unappreciated and #worthless when they treat you like all you do is spend money. To me it not about spending money, it’s about making people happy and always having something sweet close by. #money makes the world go round(sadly). People forgot the #value of love and appreciation. I’m not the most approachable person so I use my baking as a form of love, expression or so to say communicating. But that’s not enough in today life it’s all about the bigger, sparkly and glitzy things. Why do people have this persona that if you can baking that all you can do, being gifted to do it all is possible. #Standupforyourself, So today I decide to increase on my self love and not do as much for other. #Unappreciated #anxiousthoughts #On #Anxiety #Selfharm #appreciatelife #Selflove #TheMighty #LoveYouMore

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Not letting health conditions define your intrinsic #value

I refuse to let the stigma society puts out there regarding my disabilities into my life. It does not define my own self worth. I refuse to not live a good as normal as possible life despite having multiple disabilities since childhood. & I refuse to ever give up on my dreams. I will one day have a degree career & successful everything. It just might be a few ...decades. One day at a time. The roundabout routes still get there in the end. #nevergivingup #Goodlife #enjoy #journey


Value yourself

value yourself

We are all unique in our own way. How do you think you are unique How do you show the world your gifts and express yourself We are all valuable it is just a matter of finding a way to express your value. There has to be more creative ways for people to express themselves and find out how we alI can give back to the world. I talked about giving back to the world but if you don't give back to yourself first how could you give back to anyone else Do not fear taking care of yourself before taking care of anybody else. If you don't take care of yourself first the care that you are able to offer others is weaker because you did not care for yourself. #value yourself  #MentalHealth #possativethinking  

#CP #Disability

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Trapped in the cage of #ChronicIllness

Trapped in your feelings with pain due to #ChronicIllness ? Feeling like you have lost yourself #sexually ? If managing or controlling your #Pain isn’t the answer, then what is? This is the most pressing question when introduced to the idea that pain management may not be the answer you need. What it comes down to is that the answer is up to you. It’s critical to look at what you #value . You have been fighting a war with your #illness and over time, it is consuming your life. The time you have spent searching for solutions to your pain has likely left you #exhausted , stressed out, and worst of all in more pain. You are probably so tired of the pain and wrapped up in getting rid of it in the first place. I find that individuals and couples who battle chronic illness are so involved in the fight, they forget why they started fighting to begin with. Yes, low sexual desire and arousal can be due to chronic illness, but so can the endless battle and conflict can bring to the partnership. At first glance, asking you why you want to get rid of your pain may seem like a ridiculous question. Isn’t it self- evident? I’m am suggesting you look at it from a different perspective. Take a moment to stop yourself and ask..If I had no pain due to my , what would I do with my life? What you would do with your life may be the VERY thing that has been overlooked in your battle with pain. What if you could learn to do things WITH your pain? If you are partnered, how can you both work together living a life with pain? How can you reclaim the sexual intimacy you miss? What if you could carry your pain with you while you live the life you went to live? Stay tuned as I address this in my first book, Sex & Love When You Are Sick. #Psychotherapy #sextherapy #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #Fibromyalgia #Diabetes #HIV #CrohnsDisease #MultipleSclerosis #Lupus #AutoimmuneDisease #rhuematoidarthritis #doyou #couples #couplesgoals #individualgoals