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This quote from the new books I started made me pause, the subject of the book is heavy but very interesting.

A little over three months ago, I tried and failed to end my life. Spending time in treatment and still struggling with ‘what if’ and ‘why’. Recently I’ve realized that I regret reaching out for help. Letting others help me carry some of the weight that’s been crushing me. That everything would have been better had I remained silent.

I honestly have no idea why I reached out. Hearing this like ‘it’s gets better’ etc are frustrating to me. More so now that before everything. I’ve watched my life fall apart after graduating college almost ten years ago. I have a job, for clarification. However it was this job, more so the promotion I received, the supervisor I had, and the emotional/mental abuse I dealt with for 5 months that resulted in the hospital stay.

I know the world is starting to open up and things are moving in the right direction but I’ve felt very lost and alone for years. I love what I majored in, but after covid I doubt I’ll be able to realistically persue this. I don’t want to give up on this dream (it’s honestly like the last one I have), my family has given up and talks like my currently job is it for me.

I don’t think treatment worked… I don’t think taking my own life is selfish. I think I’m just done fighting for an existence I don’t want.

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Reasons to stay on earth

Ive been sick for many 10 years since i was 18 it took my life away from me football College Relationships im in alot of pain lately my dad passed away a year ago maybe i would be doing everyone a favor by just going to sleep and not wakeing up#SuicideOnTheBrain


Waiting #PTSD #MajorDepressiveDisorder #Depression #Anxiety

I am not in a good head space at all right now. I am trying to find reasons to hold on and not give up but I feel like my team is dwindling. People are over the way I can't seem to pull myself out of where I am and start seeing the good in life again. All I do is bring people down when I'm around. I wish I wasn't here any more. #SuicideOnTheBrain


#SuicideOnTheBrain #Anxiety #SuicidalThoughts

I want to be able to talk (or even joke) about the weird suicidal intrusive thoughts I get without people freaking out or thinking I am just looking for attention.


Anyone go through this? I feel like a total hypocrite. A huge fake. #SuicidalThoughts #Suicide #SuicidalIdeation #SuicideOnTheBrain

Anyone ever tried talking someone out of committing suicide while being suicidal yourself?
If so, what did you say? If you haven’t been in this situation before, what do you think you’d say if you were?



The thing about depression and suicide is, by the time someone works up the nerve to take their life, often they have been depressed for a long time. Long enough to know how people react to depression. Long enough to decide that it’s easier to just fake being ok. Fake being happy to get along. By the time you are about to take your life you’ve been walking around looking fine to others because you’ve practiced survival mode. The mode where you have to look fine to get by... at work, with family, even with friends. You have tried and it’s still not working to keep you not depressed and it’s still not a life worth living for. That’s why they seemed fine when they completed.

I seem fine (smiling, bubbly, managing, stable, supportive) to the people closest to me, but I’m not.
#SuicidalThoughts #Suicide

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My child has suicide on her mind

Lockdown. https://Pandemic.teenage https://angst.mother is key worker and https://exposed.too much

I can deal with being suicidal myself—anyone would having lived my life. But I’ve tried so hard to give my daughter the tools so that she is not exposed innocently. Now her poor mind is confused and she can’t handle life bat moment...she has a method, but not a plan...where do I turn