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    #therapeutic ABILITY.

    This weeks post is called therapeutic ability. This past Wednesday I started back with Physical Therapy and let me tell you it feels so good to be on this path with my Cerebral Palsy because I myself never thought that I would ever gain my physical ability back. My new therapist had me up and walking on my sticks durning our first session and I was able to take 2 laps around the gym. I have not been able to do that in about 2 years and I was literally jumping for joy. I will be in therapy for the rest of my life because for me therapy is an on going part of my everyday routine, I have to say before I met Jaclyn I was very nervous but now that I have been working with her its like a dream came true for me because she is the nicest therapist that I have ever worked with and I know that we are going to do great things together. you see for me over the years my Cerebral Palsy has gotten far worst and I've lost a lot of my mobility and ability because of it. For me to get that back t's truly a gift no mater how much of it I get back.I'm over the moon and I'm on my true path to greatness and that is how I see my therapeutic ability



    Appointment Times

    I'm just gonna dive right in here.
    WHY THE FUCK IS THAT WE GOTTA BE 15 MIN EARLY BUT DOCTORS CAN BE AN HR LATE WITH NO NOTICE! Why!? HOW!? I have a whole infant in the car who only tryna chill for so long. TF! UGH
    Venting bc my counsel says its helpful #therapeutic #bipolarrants #blackmentalhealth #Bipolar

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    A friend is a full time school teacher, studying for his Phd, going through a rocky divorce and co-parenting 1 daughter. This past Saturday, he & his daughter woke, started their day, and she asked, "Dad, why can't we each just go back to bed?". He could not remember the last time he had done so!!! They retired to their rooms and slept, and slept and slept..... #therapeutic /rest/sleep is incredibly vital to our bodies and minds. This is not #Avoidance sleep. When you feel good, positive, go ahead reward yourself with "oh-so-good lazy sleep!
    Have you allowed yourself to be lazy lately?

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    Hello! I’m new to this group and the mighty community in general, and so far it has been a wonderful place to be a part of.
    I found this group browsing this morning through the explore page and it looks right up my ally. So many talented people here! I’m not sure if anyone else here uses digital art/painting as there main medium? But personally I find it’s the most therapeutic for me :)

    I finished this piece yesterday after around 13 hours of working on it, I’m going to print and frame it for my mother. The bird is a tawny frogmouth, one of mums favourite animals. We have a small family of them near our house that we check on every morning on our walk. There such unique and beautiful creatures

    Tawny frogmouth reference

    Background texture

    #Australia #mother #Bird #owl #Gift #Drawing #painting #Animals #therapeutic #madewithlove #MothersDay #Art #creativetherapy

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    Inspirational introspective collage.

    I did this collage today at the community art studio I go to. It was in response to a challenge to use typography. Beautiful words in interesting font and some gold paint to brighten it. #Art #therapeutic

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    Dark Passenger

    Depression and anxiety are debatably the most misunderstood and quickest-to-judge of all diseases, let alone mental health illnesses. It's difficult to explain to someone who is supportive why I cry to release the weight of the world I feel on my shoulders, an impending doom; why I feel alone even in a crowded room and yet I am never truly alone, as these demons are my dark passengers, silent but brutal; why I chew my nails, experience panic attacks, slight paranoia if I'm being honest, self destruct, self harm, self hate. I'm exhausted from feeling exhausted; I know the dishes need to be done and I should cook dinner but the dishes can wait and fast food is easier. Please leave me alone but don't leave me. Allowing this vicious circle consume my life, my personality, my goals, me as defined by those things, or lack thereof, are hindering my relationships and that can not be. No more. No more self medicating with alcohol, no more silencing my voice, no more hiding behind smiles, no more putting myself last. Today I am reborn and I am ready to receive all the beauty life has yet to offer me.
    #MightyTogether #therapeutic #thinkbetterdobetter