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My morning Mojo

There are lots of different definitions for Mojo. I prefer to define it as “my personal ability and capacity to take on the world!” So this was my December Mojo tracker. I’ve shared other months in the past and I’m really only sharing it for those of you who love sparkly gel-pens and are crafty, or need a creative way to track your mood. I hope this helps someone. #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BPD #creativetherapy #Mindfulness #CPTSD #CreativeOutlets #tracking #Anxiety #Leisure #WRAP

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Tracking my “Get-up-and-Go” Ability

This is just a continuation of a posts I’ve shared before. I enjoy my bullet journals and am always trying to find inventive ways of tracking my daily habits and progress. I’m not seeking an outcome of any quantifiable measure, but the process of identifying my ambition and watching it ebb and flow, is therapeutic for me.

This is one page of my journal that I have created and started using. Each level is a gradual increase from the next. “Not gonna happen....” being the decoration that today is too overwhelming for whatever reason. “I’m good” being that I feel level, able to confront the day, and not too much stopping me from progressing forward as planned. “To Infinity and Beyond....” is basically for those days when I’m happy to wake up and excited for the day.

I’m debating on whether or not to put stems on my flowers but the last month when I used stems it kinda made it look messy. So I think I will keep them stemless for now. 😁

I’m sharing this because I’ve often wondered if there are creative outlets to manage my daily functions. So I can’t possibly be the only curious mind out there. ☺️

#MDD #BPD #tracking #moodtracking #CreativeOutlets #BulletJournals

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Charting Again!

I’ve posted a couple of my charts in the past. This one is to help keep record of the medication and supplements that I take. This is for the purpose of my loved ones to be able to properly care for me in times of crisis or lockdown (depression crashes). This will ease the task of filling up my medication container and also help in episodes of brain fog.

I learned about having these important tools around for someone to better assist me when I went through a class called Wellness Recovery Action Program (WRAP) which was developed by Mary Ellen Copeland. It has, by far, been the most applicable and effective tool in managing my mental health.

I made this chart to identify what I regularly take and left blank columns for when there are changes or updates. Luckily I won’t be updating this every day and hopefully it will stay consistent from month to month. But again, if I crash into a deep slump again, I won’t need to explain anything. I can just hand my caregiver this page of my journal. ☺️

Note: I’ve blotted our the names of doctor prescribed Rx’s. The “a/n” in the bottom medication is used “As Needed.”

#BPD #MDD #BulletJournals #WRAP #SupportTools #medicationmanagement #CreativeOutlets #tracking #OnedayAtaTime