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What topics would you like to see me host events on? #wearemightytogether

If I were to host a virtual event, I’d like your opinions on topics! Please comment below with ideas for virtual events ❤️ #RareDiseases #Caregiving #Cancer #MentalHealth #Events


With all the attention this CO-VID19 getting, has anyone noticed a change with their pain?

Have you noticed that your pain possibly lessened or has it gotten worse over the past few days?

#ChronicPain #CheckInWithMe #wearemightytogether #PeripheralNeuropathy #Inflammation

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Yes You Are!

Just wanted you to know what I'm thinking of all you Mighties out there! We Are Enough!
With all our symptoms, side effects and frustrations. We’re doing our best just to breathe.
#wearemightytogether #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #Anxiety #SocialAnxiety #HidradenitisSuppurativa #HIVAIDS #AdrenalInsufficiency

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Were you denied Disability Benefits?

I remember how afraid I was back in 2007 when I first applied for Social Security. Fortunately, unlike many, I was approved the first time around. I remember researching the process until my eyes swelled. I lost sleep. I was full of anxiety. Now, I try to help others through the process. I get how crucial the approval stamp is. For most of us, our lives literally depend on those benefits, like mine did, and they were put in place to assist us as members of society. Weren’t they? For those of you who are going through the application process or considering it, buckle up because it can be a rough ride. That’s a truth. Ask questions, I’m sure there are Mighties who can shed some light. I included.
#DisabilityAdvocate #Peersupport #wearemightytogether


Our own definition of #perfect

I don’t think I am to first to admit I am a #perfectionist and with that comes constant self comparisons and self criticism.
As part of my type of #CerebralPalsy means that my hands are little shacking, finding it hard to complete tasks at least how I envision or in a small allotted time. So when I feel myself in ultra perfectionist mode I struggle to find pride in what I done, picking it a part and finding fault and that that particular day it might be harder on some days more than others.
I think we all forgot sometimes that there are is no one complete vision of something and the will always be something to learn. Let’s #Bekinder to ourselves💜
#wearemightytogether #Disability


A #dailyaffrimation

I Am Not My Disability.
It’s a essential for anyone with a disability or illness to remember that their condition is not them. It is easy to fall into a trap, limiting oneself to their disability and being unable to see a gap between them and their condition (myself included). But people are more than some label that has been put on to them,  more than what their body or mind tells them what  they are.
A person comes  before any diagnosis. A person can be anything they want.
#CerebralPalsy #cerebralpalsyathetoid #Disability #wearemightytogether

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When you look at yourself what do you see?

"Look at yourself. What do you see?

Make sure to look at all parts of you. All the parts that make you someone.

Sometimes we look at ourselves and we don't know what we see. We don't know who we are.

Look at yourself and tell me what you see.

You are a beautiful multifaceted masterpiece. It's not enough to look at our pain and let it define all of who we are. We have to break ourselves a part to get to every piece of jewel.

We have so much in us that we toss to the side. We must dig deep to find our drive and our will to continously know who we are.

Let's find our light together.

Comment below what you see when you look at yourself. Focus on everything (not just the good or the bad, but remember to be gentle with yourself). And as we begin to see, we begin to reflect and to grow in our self-acceptance."
Heal with me.
#MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #Healing #thriving #power #balance #challenge #wearemightytogether #MightyTogether


Today I am tired #wearemightytogether

Forgive me for feeling sorry for myself and sad but the song that comes to mind is an old African American gospel song "Nobody knows the trouble I have seen, Nobody knows but you Lord".

I am so tired of the heat. I cannot do anything, everything feels like I am willing myself to live. If it's too cold, we suffer, too hot we suffer. Is there nothing to alleviate the pain.

I cannot keep my eyes open, I need to tidy up, and at the back of my mind with all the fans on my electric bill will be catastrophic. Even with the fans one cannot sleep. I need a miracle and relief. I need hope.