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My first job interview in 2 years and I broke at the one question I practiced the most ! #Anxiety #ChronicIllness #Recovery #Whathappened #

So I’ve been building up to this job interview after having nearly 2 years away from work due to a serious sepsis infection that affected my body so much I’ve been crippled with chronic conditions and anxiety and depression!
So I have been through the initial interview, practiced the questions done loads of research and even practiced my questions with the recruiter and not once did I break when I told my story !
Half way through today the interviewer asked so you had a break from - to so tell me what happened and why your interested in this role - after me saying It’s a tough story but I contracted a nasty infection that turned into sepsis and resulted in ...... and then I felt the pain in my stomach , that gut wrenched fight or flight and I just burst into tears !
Why ?
Why today ?
I have practiced my answer to this question a million times ?
Does this mean I’m not ready ?
What must they have thought ?
My anxiety is just about at a level 100000000 right now !
I did take a second compose and started again and broke then said can I have a few minutes please ?
They agreed but it was like it changed the whole vibe ! I may be overthinking but telling my story which involves the memories of me nearly dying and then having to cope with the aftermath and recovery and the anxiety and depression has taken its toll but I’ve fought hard to get to this point I’m not cured I’m not perfect but I’m ready !
But today has sent my head west ! Had anyone had this experience? How do you contain emotions you thought you could ? Nothing prepared me for that today I may not get the job but I know I tried and gave it my all even if me makeup looked like shit by the end !
That’s all Lau x


What is Wrong With The Mighty's Desktop Site? #TheMighty #help #what #why #Weird

Has anyone else noticed this or is it just me? The app is working fine, but whenever I try to look at their desktop site, it never seems to load properly and sometimes is completely blank? #TheMighty #help #ME #you #AnyoneElse #Weird #Whathappened


8 months on #confused #lost #Whathappened

It has been over 8 months since I was hospitalised for depression and anxiety. The first few months were tough and I was living day by day. Then life improved, I started to enjoy work and life again. I thought wow this is how life really is! Depression improved dramatically. Anxiety still there but manageable. Now I feel very confused about big life decisions. I thought yes I want a baby, I’ve wanted one for a while now. I just need to get to my recovery phase and it will happen.. things have changed and now I doubt everything. I don’t even know if I’ll ever want children. I’ve lost interest in things again and my husband and I are emotionally detached from one another. I had all these expectations of myself and here we are totally not meeting them. I don’t understand what happened 😩