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It's a madhouse!

Today I found out that my friend Naomi lost her job at the (forgive me the name is withheld) company that does upholstry for busses and limos. They're a busy business and she's barely there over a month and already terminated. This is because she made only a few mistakes that were not devastating, but fixable clairical errors. I feel so bad that she had that happen to her. She went through a lot today, as I could hear her crying over the phone. I do not know exactly what time it happened, but it seemed to have occured early in the morning upon her arrival to work. She said it was not the best environment to work within and that there were some things that happened there that were not very good.

One time, she was on the phone with someone who called and was saying he was making a complaint about something (as this is the company's corporate headquarters) and the other lady asked who was on the phone to Naomi. Naomi put the client on hold and said to her who it was and then the lady said to Naomi "HANG UP RIGHT NOW," as it was someone who was trying to sue the company for something that they were dissatisfied with. Ugh. Then there was a time a lady manager got pissed off and slammed her hand down on the desk because she heard Naomi answering a question in spanish that was asked to her by the other girl who spoke spanish about a work related task. She said that they are not allowed to speak spanish, and that they were only allowed to speak english. WOW... That was a huge WTF moment.

Lets just say that things are tough all around for a LOT of people out there. My friend Natalie in NJ has also told me that she was hired for a job, and she bought the clothes required and have all the paperwork signed, but was not given a start date, or a call when she is supposed to start. She contacted them, but management said that they would contact her back. Um.. that's just fucking weird. THIS is what companies are doing to people these days. It's insane. Absoloutely insane.

Valerie Climenhaga
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Hi I’m New Here!


If you’ve had one PLS comment, I am seeing my therapist today but it would be nice to know I’m not alone?? I know I’ll be okay but also want to get some reassurance from people who’ve been through something like this.

I am in the midst of moving out of my parents house into an apartment with one of my best friends. The excitement & fun of it all has made me hypomanic I think, but I also feel empty at the same time & am craving affection (I am NOT an affectionate person?).

Would love to hear your experience/thoughts/advice :)

#BipolarDisorder #mixedepisode #GettingHelp #Mania #RapidCyclingBipolar #WhatIsHappening

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Looking for answers

Over the past couple months my memory started fading, but that isn't the right word.. I can be fine for a few days to a few weeks. Then all of a sudden it is like someone else was having my thought, so when I try to remember or reevaluate my thought I have no recollection of it. There are things I want to remember and I'm always scared I'm going to forget (just keep swimming.)

That was/is kinda scary. Until yesterday when I reached to scratch my ear and I could have sworn it wasn't my hand and arm.

I'm not quite sure what is happening, but it is scary. #BPD #mentalillness #fighter #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Whatisnormal #lost #CPTSD #Depression #Anxiety #Dissociation #WhatIsHappening


I'm feeling empty and exhausted

I'm really struggling these days and I don't know what to do. I lost interest in my hobbies. I'm tired of getting up and going to school, I don't attend school often now, I just stay at home and just lay in bed. My family doesn't know a thing about what's happening to me. I don't have real friends that I could talk to because I feel like that they don't actually care if I speak about this. They'll just tell me like I'm overreacting and I'll get over it. I'm stressing about everything now. I don't have an appetite to eat anything, I'm just tired. I sleep late. Sometimes I'm really sad and like angry at the same time and sometimes worrying about anything. No one knows what I feel inside of me and I can't usually explain it. I feel hopeless, useless and a problem to anybody. I don't know what's happening and I really don't know if I have a mental illness. I haven't went to a doctor. I just shared my thoughts here today. Let's support eachother ✨
#MentalIllness #Depression #Anxiety #BipolarDisorder #WhatIsHappening