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    Misdiagnosed Bell’s Palsy

    Six years ago, I acquired facial nerve palsy which was diagnosed as Bell’s Palsy. Problem is, my neurologist told me that since my facial palsy was caused from a trauma, that it cannot be classified as Bell’s palsy since Bell’s usually heals on its own within a handful of months, as well as is caused from unexplained reasons.

    When my neurologist told me that it’s been six years since my injury, and the likelihood of it healing was slim since it would have healed by now…it really hit me hard. I’m very angry that I was misdiagnosed with Bell’s and also, that if I was given the proper diagnosis sooner, perhaps something more could have been done to correct this palsy.

    I’m researching options on possible ways to help correct the palsy. Any thoughts?



    Why don't antidepressants and therapy work for me and my depression? Is it something else, C-PTSD or Autism?

    I have lived all of my 64 years (that I can remember) being depressed. I didn't know what it was until my 20s, and read a book called REALITY THERAPY which described my symptoms very well, and offered me hope for the first time. I started therapy soon after, but living with depression ever since.

    I have been in regular therapy since that time, and have had a wide variety of therapists, and a wide variety of antidepressants in those years. I'm currently on Effexor XR 300mg per day, and have been for over 10 years. It seems to have worked better for me than others I had in the previous years.

    Still, the best that I ever feel is what I think 'normal' people feel when they say they're depressed. I call it "neutral", although when I'm questioned by a therapist or doctor, they classify it as 'depressed'. For me, that "neutral" state feels like a huge relief, and a time to freely exhale, and otherwise let my body loose, and to relax. But like I said, the doctors say that I am still depressed then, just not as much as I usually am.

    Twenty years ago, a new doctor told me that the reason I wasn't getting better was because I was misdiagnosed, and he diagnosed me with Bipolar type 2. I started on Depakote as a mood stabilizer, and stayed on antidepressants as well. Then came a diagnosis of ADHD, and I have been on Ritalin ever since. I spent decades on the combination and still fought depression every step of the way.

    Last year I was switched from Depakote to Lithium, at a high dose, and because doctors didn't check my blood levels each month, I ended up with severe Lithium toxicity, and near death. I was taken to a hospital with a Trauma Center a hundred miles away, and spent the next week there hooked to three IVs, and constant medical attention. I'm still recuperating at home.

    My current psychiatrist doesn't agree with the previous Bipolar 2 diagnosis, but thinks it may be something else. C-PTSD seems to fit in a myriad of ways with me. But now I am wondering if even some level of Autism fits with me. It's hard for me to tell what might be actual symptoms that I have, and what might just be coincidences.

    If my depression is not coming from 'depression', per sé, but is coming from C-PTSD or Autism, would that explain why the antidepressants and talk therapy over the years have never truly gotten rid of it? Or does it not make any difference, and I'm just whistling in some dark alley somewhere? I don't really have much hope any more that things can ever get any better. ♧

    #Depression #ChronicDepression #Bipolar2Disorder #ADHD #Effexor #lithiumtoxicity #lithium #Misdiagnosed #BipolarDisorder #neurodiverse #MajorDepressiveDisorder #Depression #SocialAnxiety #AdultDiagnosis #AutismDiagnosis #BipolarDisorderDiagnosis #Autism #UndiagnosedAutism #TheNationalAutisticSociety #AutismAcceptance #Anxiety #PTSD #CPTSD #PTSDSupportAndRecovery #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder #Selfdiagnoses


    New to Mighty!

    Hello my lovelies! After months trawling around reddit and google looking for affirmations, communities and answers, I didn’t realise The Mighty existed until a dear friend pointed me in your direction. I’m a freelance writer who has been misdiagnosed with Bipolar for a decade, despite explaining many of my symptoms to doctors that have NOTHING to do with chemical imablances and much more to do with trauma.

    I am doing research on how people who struggle with undiagnosed or misdiagnosed mental health issues explain their perspective and daily experiences to family, friends, loved ones and medical professionals. I would love to know from you, what metaphors and analogies do you use to explain the world from your perspective?

    The project focusses on the experience of ‘symptoms’ of mental health disorders, rather than experience of a ‘disorder’. So for example, if you think you experience Bipolar Disorder – I would love to know how you explain ‘mania’, ‘depression’ and ‘racing thoughts’. If you experience Schizophrenia, how do ‘delusions’ and ‘hallucinations’ feel… or with depression, how does ‘fatigue’ or ‘withdrawal’ feel. Misdiagnosis and misunderstandings are rife within psychiatry, as mental health conditions are

    Living with a misdiagnosis or not understanding if a diagnosis is right for you can be crippling and many disorders have so much overlap it can be hard to know where to start, or where you fit in to the picture! I thought having a resource that spans across all of this would be so productive and useful.

    I have created a group (although I'm very new to this and a bit discombobulated!), or you can let me know right here!

    It’s great to meet you all and can't wait to hear your stories.


    #Undiagnosed #Misdiagnosed #Writing #livedexperience #Depression #Anxiety #BipolarDisorder #DID #Schizophrenia


    Sometimes Patience Isn't Enough

    I'm just getting more mistake by the day. My joints hurt, all of them, and I'm staying to pull muscles because of it. I'm so exhausted all of the time but can't seem to get any good sleep. I just want to feel okay. I want to know what's won't with me. The last rheumatologist I saw just labeled it fibro after the second 5 minute session with me. At first I believed her, but as things progress, it doesn't seem to fit. I'm waiting for a referral to go through to a new doctor that I still then have to wait a month to get into. I'm just sitting here screaming on the inside, feeling so helpless. I don't want to be patient. I'm months pay being patient. How am I expected to just live like this?

    #ChronicIllness #Undiagnosed #Misdiagnosed #Anxiety #Depression #Fibromyalgia


    If you was a professional dancer or something else that needed a flexible body & you now live with chronic pain, please read.

    You MAY have hypermobility spectrum disorders... This is a underdiagnosed set of conditions ranging from hypermobility that becomes painful, all the way to connective tissue illnesses that are genetic. They could cause issues throughout the body. Please check the Beighton score & EDS Support UK.

    #FibroFog #Fibromyaliga #ChronicPain #Undiagnosed #Misdiagnosed #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #FunctionalNeurologicalDisorder #hypermobilityspectrumdisordersawareness

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    Evaluating and Treating ADHD in African American Children: Guidance for Clinicians

    Cultural awareness matters. I find that many individuals are misdiagnosed as a result of multiple reasons. Nowadays many providers do not thoroughly evaluate individuals and many symptoms overlap. #Misdiagnosed #ADHD #AttentiondeficithyperactivityDisorder #ADHD #continuityofcare #Diagnosis

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    Back to work💼

    I never thought this would happen, hope it goes ok🙏🏻. Thank you everyone for the support.

    #Working #sciatica #nervepain #Support #CheckInWithMe #Misdiagnosed #Disability #InvisibleIllness #ChronicPain #StayStrong #PainManagement

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    #CheckInWithMe #Disability #Diagnosis #Misdiagnosed #ChronicIllness

    A Day in the Life of a PWD

    Frame 1:
    A woman is sitting on an exam table in the doctor's office.
    DOCTOR: No, you can't have (insert condition here). That's a childhood disorder.

    Frame 2:
    The woman, looking exasperated, is sitting on an exam table in another doctor's office.
    DOCTOR: No, you can't have (insert condition here). That's an elderly person's disease.


    Misdiagnosed as bipolar?

    Recently I’ve had 2 psych evals and have been seeing a therapist, 2 big steps for me! However both psychs diagnosed me with bipolar, but I strongly feel that I’m actually BPD. It’s like the second they hear me say my mood changes drastically, they get stuck on bipolar and won’t consider anything else. I have multiple reasons why I think it’s BPD and my gut also tells me it. I already requested a second opinion and don’t want to demand a third! I’ve been prescribed Lamitrogine and have been taking it for a week. Anyways, did any of you have a hard time getting a diagnosis? I want the diagnosis because reading about the schema therapy really resonates with me and I wanted to try that. #Bipolar #BPD #Misdiagnosed