I saw this on the News yesterday.

They have been wording it wrong the whole time.

We are not doing SOCIAL but physical distancing. That it that is what we have to practice.
Stand back from people physically stand back.
But that dosent mean you cant be social with people. Does it.

Look at the videos of the Italian people singing from their windows and balconies.

People in the uk taking food parcels to the elderly and ones stuck indoors.
This is being social. This is what us human being do in times of hardship crisis we pull together and help each other out.

So what can you do today to give more positive thoughts to your mind? like the pic says. or what can you do to help out your fellow neighbours or colleagues workers community

much love light hugs and kisses Tj ❤💗🤗👊💋🦓🦋😀
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