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To the Woman in the Grocery Store Who Turned Out To Be My Guardian Angel

Two and a half years ago, over Father’s Day weekend, I went to the gym and then out to buy steaks. I’d been having short, intense headaches, but at the moment, I felt great.

I went in the store with two of my children, the third choosing to sit in the car right out front. I went to get the steaks, and all of a sudden, my tongue went numb. I felt an icy line separating my brain from my head. I couldn’t speak; I started to shake and drool.

I went to the side of the store and held onto the counter. I sank to my knees to signal that I needed help. I heard my kids start to laugh and then start to cry. A voice said, ” I think something’s going on over here.” A woman, my angel, came over to me.

She started issuing instructions. Someone to take my kids away, someone to call 911, someone to look at my ID and find my name. She told me who she was and that she had some medical training. She gave me a tissue because I was drooling and held my hand. I kept trying to speak to let her know I had another child outside, but she stopped me, telling me I was only getting more upset because I couldn’t talk. Then I heard my oldest son tell someone about his brother and that my cell was in the car and he could call my husband. My angel called my husband, helped get me and my boys to the back room and stayed until the EMT arrived.

I was later diagnosed with a brain tumor and so far am doing great. I’ve had great doctors, my best friend works in oncology and paved my way for me and a million people support me. But that woman — she will always be part of my story. She kept me and my kids calm in the scariest of situations. She held my hand. I will always be grateful to her.

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My support system.

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