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What was your 'going public' moment like? (with walking aids, ADA parking, accommodations, etc.)

What was your first experience like? On my way into work, I'd stopped at a secondhand store and bought a wooden cane. (I was so awkward, I used to kick it out from underneath me while I walked!) I would lie that it was an old football injury. Inside I felt isolated and cold: I didn't want to look at anyone.

This is prompted by Senate candidate John Fetterman interviewing on NBC News using a captioning device, but it is NOT political. However you feel politically, this was something that took courage to do. Tell us about your courage, your fear, your accommodation moment. Thanks for sharing, Mighty family.

#Stroke #Fetterman #AAC #Accommodations #Accessibility #MultipleSclerosis #Depression #newlydiagnosed #MightyTogether #ChronicIllness #Disabilities #Caregiving #Disability #Support

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My journey with Autism

Hi !!! my Name is Navneet Kulkarni. I am 17yrs old Nonverbal boy on Autism spectrum, I was diagnosed with Autism when I was 2 ½ years old, I was very hyper active child, i was having lot of sleeping issues ,head banging, lot of sensory issue's, i am hyper sensitive to sounds and Vision. Making eye contact is very challenging. My Journey from childhood till now has been from Paining to Gaining, From Loosing To Winning, From No Speaking to More Communicative now through AAC, I use alternative ways for communication, some time through Geustures and through RMP(Rapid Prompting Method) before using this RPM, My door of Mind was unopened with full of thoughts and Animations around me, so dead like feeling inside me, being nonverbal with no communication without expressing my thoughts always Guilted me, Giving my best in motor functioning was failing many times, but my parents supported me to overcome challenges.

Today i am sharing my journey and explaining all my Sensory issue's, how it looks like, sharing my feelings and emotions with my parents through RMP, now its more then life to me, because i am communicating, i am connecting with my parents, communication is Gift of Life, i am a day dreamer, too much to animate in mind with fictioning stories, My hobbies dance in mind like Jellyfish Glance In Ocean. I am a poet and an Author, whatever i write its all my Insight Knowledge of my own imaginations.

I'm very Passionate about writing. I wrote many poems ,moral stories and many life quotes,My first book"Autism God's Beautiful Creation " has published last year
I want to build my career as an Author, and my goal is to serve people with my spiritual
Knowledge and to help Orphanage kids with donations from my earnings.
"Youth Are The Pillar Of The Country " through my write ups and through my story I want Youth to come forward to join hands in these Good deeds.

Being special means not normal but very unique. I think and feel the things
differently so it doesn't mean I'm disabled. I'm a boy with different abilities, so through my writeups I want to spread Awareness of autism.my way of writing Visioning it is more like talking and sharing my thoughts and it's very particular about what and how my mind process, sometime you may need to think twice to make them understand what I am telling, but this is my way of framing sentences and expressions,I am a daydreamer and i always talk with my mind,I am more Insight with my own imagination through Animating things in my mind, with Blending of my senses I think and express my thoughts, Yes !! This is my way of seeing things. Neurodivergent means different but not less" Being Different Is Not A Curse, Treating Different Is Curse" so I want to spread awareness about how these different abilities are going to change the world.I want to spread inclusion of Neurodiversity in the society..

With regards,
Navneet Kulkarni..

autism#beyondlabel #different abilities #neurodivergent #AAC inclusion#awetism

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Primary day!

Well it’s been almost a week but I survived the primary last Tuesday. Top two move to the general election in this first local election for our county Board of Education and I finished in 2nd! Mailed in ballots are still being counted but the margin between 1st and 2nd has shrunk to 4.4% or only 751 votes. Given I had no volunteers at the polls, the iPad I use with a voice app to talk died by mid-day (i was there all 13 hours) and the shutdown also shut down my planned doorknocking in March/April, I feel great coming in 2nd. Over 7000 people voted for the bottom three candidates so November is within reach! #campaigningwithdisability #speechdisability #Election #Disability #AAC

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Survived Facebook Live

Hey fellow Mighties! I am so excited to finally get involved in this fabulous community! My first story shoukd be showing up soon where I share a glimpse of what it’s like to be a person with a speech disability running in a local election ...during COVID-19. I wanted to share my exploits for several weeks now but last night helped motivate me to finally finish my draft and hit submit (at 2:30am). I had hosted my third Facebook Live meet & greet and people actually showed up and asked questions this time ...and I managed to respond without anyone bailing during the long pauses as I type my responses in my iPad’s voice app. Yay! I still don’t want to rewatch the video of myself but just knowing I could communicate with potential voters in real time was a great step forward.

#MightyTogether #Disability #AAC #speechdisability #campaigning #Cov ID19

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Caring for a Loved One who Cannot Speak

#CheerMeOn It's heart breaking and frustrating to care for a loved one who cannot speak. It’s National Family Caregiver Month – how can we make it easier to care for loved ones who cannot speak?
https : //tinyurl.com/yxxf67z7 #AAC #Caregivers #Stroke #TBI