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    I'M still feeling very out off about my worker not showing up on Sunday, I never got any call or message about yesterday today. I'm worried if anyone will come this week on Friday and Sunday. I guess all the #NegativeThoughts come to mind. I waited one full hour, and nobody came. Again no Email or phone # ca;ll stating nobody coming today or they are running late. My day with them is like from 12 to 3. So did i wait long enough? Should i have waited longer? I have no problems with another other worker i have. Just this one isn'rt dependable. She was late before and day was shorten. Came early once. She is nice and all but i don't think i want her for my worker anymore. I think i enjoy my time with my other ones better. Is that #Wrong to say or feel? I just want one that wants to do things withs. Staying all day at the group home doing crafts isn't fun. Unless it was a rainy or snowy day. Just how i feel. I still feel like because she is the bossy's daughter she can get away with this and slack off. This is a services for people. Ok just needed to vent. I'M gonna share this with my mental health worker and see what she says. #TheMighty #MightyTogether #Depression #Anxiety #Annoyed

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    I am a mess

    <p>I am a mess</p>
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    What’s wrong with me?

    It’s weird how someone like me, striving for talking, spending time with people, sometimes just doesn’t want to talk with anyone at all. I hate this thing about myself that i sometimes just lose interest in living, in doing anything, I just wanna lie in bed without moving. I’m being irritated and angry all the time.
    Also another thing:my whole life I wanted a pet and now I got one, a kitten. But guess what? I don’t really care now, it doesn’t make me happy or smth. Everything is just so awful

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