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Anxiety about exercising - what’s the point as a bigger person?

I have a hx of anorexia and bulimia with over exercising mixed in. The anorexia has now moved into binge eating disorder territory and I’ve gained a significant amount of weight. Being in a bigger body and now NEEDING to lose weight has made me feel so discouraged and depressed. How could I have done this to myself? I’m afraid of exercising as it’s just confirmation that I’m out of shape and in a bigger body. Also terrified to the point of panic attacks when my picture is taken and it’s shown to me. Has anyone else struggled with this?

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What to do When Residential Treatment Doesn't Work

I have an young adult child who has been struggling with depression, BPD, self-harm, and most recently, Anorexia. We got them into an Eating Disorder residential treatment program for several months, and then they "graduated" to a partial hospitalization program (PHP). Unfortunately, this put them under a great deal of stress from living away from home for the first time while trying to comply with the demands of the program. They began self-harming again, went back to their pre-residential ED behaviors, and ultimately were asked to leave the PHP because they weren't engaging or abiding by the program requirements.

Now they're back at home, where we try to monitor their eating, their exercising, and their negative coping mechanisms, but it doesn't seem to be working, and it's quite exhausting for us. We have a good therapist and dietitian on our treatment team, but our child acts like they're only going along with treatment because we're telling them to: they don't seem to have very much internal motivation toward recovery, and sometimes tell us that our concerns are "ridiculous." They're also being very sneaky and dishonest with us about their behavior, which increases our concern.

We drafted a behavioral contract with help and advice from staff at the PHP and members of the current treatment team, but our child doesn't take it very seriously. It is maddening and heart-breaking to see them continue to flirt with death while dismissing our concerns and/or actively fighting against us. Short of an involuntary hospitalization, which we're contemplating in case their health continues to deteriorate dangerously, what else can we do?

P.S. Lest you think we're worrying too much about this, I should mention that our child has a cardiac condition which makes undernourishment potentially fatal.

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