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I’m an Asian woman, 54, living on the west coast. I have BPD, Bipolar/schitzoeffective, anxiety disorder, maj depression and now I find out ADHD/autism. I’m dealing with a lot and it’s overwhelming. I’ve been melting down and I think this is me acknowledging my neurodivergence. I’m confused and feel empty a lot and my friends are few and the ones I have are starting to yell at me for not doing stuff right and I can’t be abused anymore. I lived that way for 50 years. It’s enough. Please reach out. Love to meet some of you.

#BDD #AutismSpectrum #Bipolar1 #SchizoaffectiveDisorder #MajorDepression #MentalHealth #AnorexiaNervosa #BingeEatingDisorder

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Why does it always feel that the weight of the world is on my shoulders?

So, why does it always feel that the weight of the world is on my shoulders? Also, why does it seem that even though I’m already beaten down and out that more is then thrown at me…as tho to rub salt in the wounds or to mock and spit on the beaten lady who clearly is distroyed without help or hope in any sight? Why does our world say that one makes a mistake we believe in secon chances and want people to improve and grow from this negative situation, when despite the changes I’ve made and no matter the numberous positive good selfless deeds I’ve done, that same world holds my past constantly over my head and keeps me from truly moving forward….ITS as to say sure yes change do better but never again shall you rise above any true level like out of poverty or low level placement….no matter my educational achievements nor my willing once positive drive to succeed and to help others equally be successful?! #Depression #why #MentalHealth #Anxiety #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #Poverty #ADHD #PTSD #MajorDepressiveDisorder #Grief #AnorexiaNervosa #Migraine #CheckInWithMe #InsideTheMighty #MightyTogether #somuchmore

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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is HazelHeart41. I'm here because I'm in recovery for anorexia due to years of living in a fight or flight state. I'm out of that situation and I'm 8 months into recovery. I'm hoping to find others who have recovered or who are recovery.

#MightyTogether #EatingDisorder

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I’m new here!

Hi, my name is harleighwayne. I'm here because I've struggled with mental and behavioral health all of my life, and ive isolated so much. I'm in recovery (which feels weird to say) and I want to make connections with other people and I guess make friends that understand. I believe that I am here because I essentially, am tired of doing this alone and ive realized I need to reach out, and that for me is very scary (as is this post). I am not sure what else to share and don't want to overwhelm, but im here if anyone needs support :)

#MightyTogether #Anxiety #Depression #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #PTSD #ADHD #AnorexiaNervosa #EatingDisorder

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I’m new here!

Hi, my name is brownie817. I'm worried about my daughter who suffers from anorexia and has been an inpatient 4 times but just can’t quite recover from Anorexia. Every time discharge comes around there’s a big weight loss in the lead up to it. I want her over the hurdle and back home living and enjoying her life. She says she wants to get better but that transition from inpatient to home is almost like a signal that no one is watching Anorexia and Anorexia is going to do as it likes once out. I’m exhausted and a single mum and it’s been 4 really long years. She’s missed all her schooling. She’s 15 and was just about to come out again but somehow lost 1.5kg this week so they think they might now move her to another unit. She’s also autistic with ADHD and is demand avoidant. I just want someone who knows, to say she can recover. Thank you


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Loosing weight

A very long story, but I will make it short:
Last time I was loosing weight I got out of control, suddenly food was my greatest enemy.
It's incredible how I went from eating all kinds of carbs and sugar to have my body fat dangerous low.
I'm trying again, without hate food. It's hard, there is all or nothing in this sick relationship.
Let's try again....
#Food #AnorexiaNervosa #Selfharm #EatingDisorders

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I used to discuss with clients how to transition from letting things and people define me in my journey. For instance, I struggled with discussing my mental health and challenges, feeling as though they controlled me because I stigmatized myself. So, each day, I asked myself what small action I could take to define my journey. I sought support only from qualified individuals, eventually empowering me to avoid being defined by others’ unhelpful and problematic beliefs and opinions.

Remember, it’s not about achieving perfection immediately. It’s about taking small steps to realize your potential, and that’s empowering too. Remember you got this even on your hardest days and that reaching out for help processing and going through challenging moments is more a sign of strength.

Also, it is not about not having those moments or challenging thoughts or memories that define progress. It’s about how you relate, define, process and acknowledge them because sometimes our biggest milestones and progress are the things that are unseen in our journey that we don’t realize are progress.  #ADHD #ADHDInGirls #BipolarDisorder #AnorexiaNervosa #Anxiety #Depression #LearningDisabilities #SubstanceUseDisorders #Neurodiversity

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